How To Set Sustainable Health Goals for the New Year

Thank you Artisan Tropic for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

The New Year is here, and thus, new health goals! The holidays are packed with treats, stress, and tons of breaks from our normal routine, so it’s no wonder that resets and reboots are so popular this time of year. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with a little reset to get things going with your health. However, what’s really important is setting longterm sustainable goals for health all year… not just in January! This is especially true for those of us dealing with chronic illness, or autoimmunity.

“Resolution” get a bad reputation. Many folks don’t like the idea of just making a short term goal for 2-3 weeks and then going right back to your old life soon after. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make goals today that are sustainable enough last us throughout the year!


Here are my tips for setting sustainable health goals for the new year…

1. Define your goals and have an action plan

You can’t reach your goals unless you clearly define what they are. We all want to be “healthy”, but what does that really mean for you? How do you quantify it?

Dig deeper than just “heathy” as a goal and give actionable goals like…

  • Improving your blood work
  • Being able to tolerate more foods
  • Lessening of pain or inflammation
  • Fitness benchmarks like completing a 5k, going on a big hike, etc.

Now, goals are one thing. We all have goals. However, what we don’t always have is a plan on how to achieve them!

Rather than just defining high level goals, my husband and I sit down every new year to evaluate where we want to be in the next year, five years, ten years, and beyond, and what our action plan is to get there. Don’t know what it will take to get there? Start from square one and just work up from there!

For example… years ago, my goal was to put my Hashimoto’s into remission. The initial plan back then looked something like this….

  • Research Hashimoto’s online
  • Experiment with different diet protocols
  • Read new books on autoimmunity
  • Find a new holistic doctor
  • Join some online communities

That was just the start! Then from there, I was able to flesh out my plan even more as time went on.

2. Find your favorite healthy staple meals and recipes that you can always lean on

Cooking and trying new recipes is fun! I love cracking open new cookbooks and making new creations. However, it can also be time consuming. Though it sounds glamorous, it’s just not sustainable to cook a brand new recipe every single evening.

Rather than pulling out a fancy cookbook several times a week, find your 4-5 staple recipes that you love and can lean on in a pinch. That way, you’ll able to still have fun and delicious recipes that you love without feeling like a fish out of water for ever meal. Reserve the fancy stuff for special occasions. For tons of ideas, check out my recipe page!

3. Find healthy snacks and treats that you love rather than restricting year round

I get the feeling of wanting a reset or a detox once January hits. Trust me! I enjoy my holiday indulgences as much as the next foodie. I’ve had plenty of sugar hangovers and stomach pain after one too many bacon wrapped dates.

However, we can’t live in reset mode 365 days a year. Balance is hard to find, but the best place to start is finding real food snacks and treats that you love that won’t wreck your health goals! There are endless recipes online that fit those qualifications, however, having convenience snacks that you love is always an amazing option.

One of my favorite snacks that don’t leave me feeling like I need a detox afterwards are plantain chips!

The plantain & cassava strips from Artisan Tropic are paleo and AIP compliant, made with real food ingredients, and are the perfect way to indulge in a healthy snack. The plantain chips come in a few different flavors like a basic savory chip, a naturally sweeter chip, and a cinnamon plantain chip for when you have a bit more of a sweet tooth. The Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips are basically the closest things I’ve had to potato chips since I’ve gone AIP and nightshade free!

The first time I had these was when I went on a business trip to Indonesia in 2016 and brought along all of my own healthy snacks. I broke into the bag on my way to Singapore and was blown away that they were actually AIP! The didn’t make me feel like junk, and they tasted so incredible! I tried to save some to share with my husband when I got back… but it didn’t happen that time around 😉

Plus, all of the Artisan Tropic Plantain and Cassava Strips are so tasty that they’re great for sharing! One of the biggest concerns that I hear from readers and clients when they’re transitioning to a healthier lifestyle or an AIP diet is that they won’t be able to indulge at social events. My answer is always to bring along yummy foods that everyone will love, and these plantain strips fit the bill!

4. Commit to movement that you actually want to do

Movement is a privilege… not a punishment!

All too often, we choose work outs that are oppressive and just too hard to keep up with throughout the year. Speaking as someone who’s been burnt out from crazy workout routines in the past, trust me, you don’t need to go down that road to stay healthy!

Rather than punishing yourself with gym routines that you hate, find movement that you actually love and want to stick to. It could be as simple as just walking for 30 minutes after work, or you could take up a new sport, yoga practice, or light weight lifting. Whatever it is, make it something that you actually love to do.

5. Lean on Community Support to Keep You Accountable

One of my favorite things to come out of my blogging journey has been the community here in this health community! I’ve been able to connect with so many friends and colleagues online that have supported me through rough patches, inspired me, and listened to me when I needed an ear. I created a Facebook community specifically for Gut Healing Support to serve as a safe place for community support to keep eachother accountable, and inspired!


I hope these easy tips help you along in making your New Years goals more sustainable for all of 2018!

How To Snack Smart On a Real Food Paleo Diet

Thank you, That’s It Fruit for partnering with me on this fun post! This post is sponsored by my friends at That’s It Fruit. All opinions expressed here are my own.

The health world is always divided on something, and one of the most divided topics in snacking! Is it good or bad? How much should you do it? What’s considered a healthy snack? These are questions that I’ve pondered myself many, many times! And you know what? Everyone is different. However, there are some good general guidelines that everyone can follow when it comes to snacking, that that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

First, why and when should you snack? It’s no secret that I love nourishing, nutrient dense meals and will always share recipes for those. However, in reality, we could all use a snack every now and then! Here are some occasions that having a snack on hand can really come in handy…

  • Traveling
  • Long car rides
  • Conferences
  • Long school or work day
  • Parties or events
  • Or just when you feel like having a treat!

Again, everyone is different. Having a little snack in between meals can be perfectly fine for most and necessary in many situations. As someone with food intolerances that follows a real food paleo diet and travels often, I depend on healthy snacks to get me through airports, long car rides, and events where I’m surrounded by food that would otherwise make me sick. So, how do you make sure you’re snacking smart when you’re living a real food, paleo lifestyle?


How To Snack Smart On A Real Food Paleo Diet


1.Prioritize full meals… don’t depend on snacks alone

This is placed at number one for a reason. One of the biggest mistakes I see with snacks is that people forgo full, nourishing meals and just snack all day. This is the opposite of what you want to be doing.

We still want to be having full sit down meals, and taking time to enjoy our food. Not only does this ensure you get in more nutrients, but it helps aid digestion. Digestion takes place slowly, and in a relaxed state, so if we’re constantly eating or are constantly on the go, it can be counterproductive. 

Rather than just snacking here and there throughout the day, make time for full meals and have optional snacks when needed.

2. Favor real foods and simple ingredients

When I first started traveling on a paleo and autoimmune protocol diet, I was at a complete loss for what to bring along with me on trips for snacks. Everything was filled with added sugar, canola oil, or corn based ingredients. Even snacks that are labeled as “natural” just weren’t the best choices.

Regardless of the convenience factor of a lot of these snacks, it’s never been worth it to me to feel terrible over one bag of poor quality chips! I’d much rather enjoy my day free of head and stomach aches and choose a real food snack instead. 

Favor real foods like chopped veggies (celery and carrots are my favorite for travel), fruits, other homemade options, or pre made snacks that have minimal ingredients.

That’s It bars were one of my early discoveries for simple ingredient snacks on the go that I’ve stashed in my bag on several trips, and have accompanied me to many coffee shop trips while I work!

These bars are made with just two ingredients each, and have no added sugars or juices. Their paleo variety of bars are made with just apple and another fruit. The first one that I tried during my early paleo days was the blueberry and apple, and I’ve always loved it.

I was also excited to see that they have a blueberry and coconut, and tons of other flavors! There’s an apple and pear flavor, apple and banana, and even black bean based bars for those who tolerate beans. 

That’s It bars are especially great for when you’re trying to conserve space. Sometimes I just can’t fit a whole piece of fruit in my purse or carry on bag!

Picking real food ingredients for snacks doesn’t have to be hard, and convenient options like these are making it even easier!

3. Plan ahead

If you want to snack smart while following a real food paleo diet, this step is always crucial! I’ve had entirely too many experiences where I’ve showed up to the airport or college campus empty handed and have been greeted with nothing but canola oil and sugar laden packaged snacks.

Think about where you’re going to be, how long you’re going to be there, and what you can reasonably bring. I often check with airlines and customs laws if I’m traveling, or double check with the hotel that I’m staying at if there’s a fridge in my room or not.

I’m known for always bringing a snack in my purse if I’m going to be out all day, and even packing an extra bag if I’m traveling with safe food! In the beginning, I felt silly, but as someone with food intolerances, it’s worth it to plan ahead than be sorry with a head and stomach ache later!

4. Balance your snacks

In order to balance your blood sugar, you want to make sure that you’re getting in healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates if you can.

So, what does that look like? Here’s an example of some snacks that I’ve brought along on a trip or a long day…

All of these together help provide more balance, satiation, and they’re all convenient enough to carry in a small bag!


When we find make the time to put in the thought for the best options, healthy snacking can be a breeze! I hope you love these simple tips and that they can be of help during your holiday travel and beyond. Feel free to share your own favorite tips for smart snacking in the comments.

How To Snack Smart On a Real Food Paleo Diet

Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The holidays are hereeee! I love this time of year for so many reasons that aren’t just gift related. Christmas movies, holiday decorations, spending time with family, and Christmas Eve mass… just to name a few.

Regardless, gift guides are fun to make, and I’m so excited to share my gift guide for 2017 with you that features some things that I love, some goodies on my own list, and some exclusive black friday/cyber monday sales!

1.Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is something that I already have myself, but one of those things that I talk all of my friends in putting on their list every year! I like to refer to the Instant Pot as a non-scary pressure cooker. It’s far safer, easier, and more versatile.

You guys… I can’t tell you how much easier this has made cooking. I use it to make hard boiled eggs, roasts, pureed soups, rice, spaghetti squash, and just about everything in between. You can steam, slow cook, pressure cook, saute, and more! It’s the ultimate kitchen gadget that can easily replace the slow cooker, and rice cooker.

Check out some of my recipes…

Plus, it’s on crazy sale for Black Friday!! 30% off!


2. Air Fryer

This is one of those “Do I really need this? No.. but I really want it” kind of gifts that I have on my list this year. My husband insists that I don’t need another kitchen gadget, but the kitchen is my office and cooking is my job… also, plantain fries.

The air fryer is essentially a mini fryer that uses less oil and still creates that fried texture. Now, there’s nothing wrong with using good quality oil! However, frying is messy, and all of that oil is expensive! So, it seems like a fun thing to experiment with and make AIP and Paleo meals all the more fun and interesting 😉

If I get one, I promise to share a recipe!


3. Berkey Water Filter

This has been on my list forever, and for good reason! Water is such an essential part of our diet and there’s not filter that does it quite like berkley water filters. These aren’t cheap, but they’re an amazing investment in your health.

4. Cute, comfy clothes. Mostly cute sweat pants… so many sweatpants

I’m a huge advocate for having clothes that are both comfy, and presentable enough to wear out if needed! With chronic illness, and specifically gut issues, we can all too often have days when we feel bloated, sleepy, or just don’t feel like wearing something uncomfortable. Let’s be real… you shouldn’t have to wear uncomfortable clothes all of the time.

Here’s my main pick that I have on my list this year…

And this isn’t just a great gift for women! When I first married my husband, I was both confused and disturbed that he would come from work and stay in his dress pants and dress shoes until he went to bed. After 3 years of marriage, he’s a comfy clothes convert and I have a few on my list for him 😉

Here is one that I’ve been eyeing for him…


5. Skincare and makeup

The holidays are a great time to switch over your makeup and skincare! Here are some of my favorites this year…

Primal Life Organics Coffee Bean Serum

This stuff is amazing on my skin!

Lily Lolo Palette

One of my favorite makeup items that I own! Palettes like this are so easy to give as gifts.

You can find more of my cleaner beauty favorites in this blog post.


6. Plants & plant accessories

I started getting into plants right around the same time I got a cat who loves to eat and destroy them… go figure. But really, gifting and receiving a plant is sort of like a pretty little member of the family that you can care for and watch grow!

Here are my favorite (cat friendly) plants to give and receive…


Herbs of your choice 

Giving an herb garden is such a great gift for a foodie friend! Make sure they ones you get are pet friendly just in case 😉

Prayer plant


Here are some fun accessories to go along with your new plant…

This adorable little pot

This macrame plant holder

7. Vintage everything

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a big fan on all things vintage! I have a blog post with my personal collection and more details on my obsession soon, but here’s why vintage makes an amazing gift to give and receive…

  1. It’s more unique and timeless then whatever is trending this year
  2. If you do it right, it’s almost always cheaper
  3. It’s much better on the environment to give and receive gifts that are recycled.


Seriously… how cool is this 60s dress?

My husband and I bought my in-laws tons and tons of quirky vintage decor from Russia a few years ago, and saved big on unique gifts that they loved by buying vintage! We bought several pieces for under $100, and loved every single one of them. I also plan to do some vintage shopping for my brother this year!

So where do you get all of this stuff? Here are my favorite spots…

  1. Etsy! My favorite clothing shops are… The Kissing Tree, Parasol Vintage, and Dotto.
  2. The Whurl App (in the app store)
  3. Local thrift and vintage stores… my favorite in Dallas is VintageTex.

8. Experiences

Something else that my husband and I have started doing since we’ve gotten married is spending money on experiences and time together rather than just stuff. Not only does it help us accumulate less junk in our 1k sq ft house (we lived in a 500 sq ft studio when we first got married!!) but we’ve also started doing this with our family as well.

In the long run, stuff is stuff. Some stuff can make your life easier, yes, but time with people you love is far more valuable.

Here are some of my favorite ideas on how to gift an experience…

  • Book a weekend trip to take with them
  • Get a gift card for a spa day
  • Plan a staycation and treat them
  • Give a gift card to their favorite nice restaurant
  • Buy them a Groupon class, or event

9. Gift cards

An easy, never fail gift to give and receive. Here are some ideas and places that I’d recommend looking into…

  • Yoga studios (I asked for this one year and enjoyed yoga classes for months! Such a great gift!!)
  • Local spa
  • Tropical Traditions (stock up on coconut oil, coconut products, and more!)
  • Primal Life Organics (my new favorite skin care)
  • Athleta (my favorite athleisure)

10. The Complete Autoimmune Wellness Resource Library Bundle (ends Cyber Monday)

I am so excited that the Autoimmune Wellness Resource Library Bundle is back for Black Friday-Cyber Monday! This is the last time that this bundle specifically will be available, and it’s one that you don’t want to miss if you didn’t already snag it a couple of months ago when it first came out.

What’s inside the bundle…

  • Tons of beautiful e-cookbooks with over 1,000 AIP recipes
  • 20 weeks worth of meal plans
  • Guides with info on sleep, AIP reintroductions, and more!

Some of the e-book titles include..

  • The AIP Instant Pot Cookbook (I contributed to this one!)
  • 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts
  • Holiday Feast from Fed and Fit
  • The AIP Italian Cookbook
  • AIP Gameday Recipes (my mini e-book!)
  • And more…

This offer is only available until Cyber Monday, and then it’s gone! Get it now!

Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning & Pest Solution Review

 Thanks, Aunt Fannie’s for sponsoring this post! These products were gifted to me by Aunt Fannie’s. All opinions are my own. 

Transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle takes time! It’s took me years from the time that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s to really commit to changing my diet, and I’ve only recently transitioned the majority of my makeup and skincare. When it came to cleaning supplies, I was mostly turning a blind eye. I dabbled in a few products here and there, but when quality suffered, my husband I would still keep reaching for our old conventional favorites. That’s why I was so excited when Aunt Fannie’s reached out to me about their clean, natural cleaning products and pest solutions!

Aunt Fannies is a health and wellness company that works through the home, and rethinks cleaning through food-based house cleaning products! This company started out of the same reason that most of us got into this cleaner living world… health crisis. The owner, Mat Franken’s young son had life threatening allergies, eczema, reflux, and so forth. Out went the plastics, and allergenic foods, but his son still wasn’t completely better. sound familiar? So, he turned towards a cleaner lifestyle and focused his efforts on cleaning products without the junk and saw a dramatic shift.

Again, change doesn’t happen over night. But when I heard this story and saw the actual ingredients in these products as compared to my own, I was all on board to give it a try!


Why Transition Your Cleaning Supplies?


These products are based off of a story that we can all relate to. But after changing so much in our lives, why should we care about cleaning supplies?

Chemicals in cleaning products can be just as harmful as those in foods. 

Food is what we tend to hone in on first in a healing lifestyle, and that’s great, but chemicals in household products can be just as problematic. They can contain endocrine disruptors, and immune system stimulants that can negatively impact our health and impede our ability to heal.

We breathe in cleaning products, and can absorb them through our skin. 

Just like we absorb makeup through our skin, we can absorb and breathe in the chemicals in our cleaning products. I think of all of the times I’ve whipped down my counters with some sort of chemical and then placed food that I eat directly on it. Or all of the cleaning sprays I’ve inhaled while cleaning windows. Not fun to think about!

We use them often, if not daily. 

One of the factors I consider the priority of switching out products is how often I use them. And really, we use cleaning products often, if not daily!


About Aunt Fannie’s Products


As mentioned above, Aunt Fannie’s was founded by a man who’s son was ill, and changing his lifestyle and cleaning products made a dramatic difference. So cool!

Aunt Fannie’s carries cleaning supplies that aren’t full on junk, but still get the job done! Their cleaning vinegar and vinegar wipes  are made with ingredients that clean the home without disrupting the micro biome of good bacteria in your environment. Plus, the wipes are biodegradable!

The glass and window cleaner leaves windows streak free without harsh chemicals, and I’m really loving using it in my office!

Their flypunch is an awesome addition to any kitchen that’s filled with fruits and veggies and is susceptible to flies. We definitely get a lot of flies, especially in the summer, so this will really come in handy for us!

With my job, my kitchen is almost constantly covered in coconut flour, olive oil stains, and stray bits of kale, so I tried out the fresh lime mint cleaning vinegar in my kitchen and around my house immediately.

Not only is the cleaning vinegar made with great ingredients, but it works really well! The smell was pleasant without being overpowering and unnatural, and it did the job of cleaning my forever dirty house.

What Makes Aunt Fannie’s Different Than Other ‘Natural‘ Products?


I know what you may be thinking… what makes this brand worth trying over others?

They have an all A’s rating from the EWG

This was the mic-drop that did it for me. The Environmental Working Group puts out ratings on products like makeup, cleaning supplies, and even makes the clean 15 and dirty dozen list, that help consumers determine whether or not the products are safe.

All of the Aunt Fannie’s products received A’s on the EWG, and according to their website, “No other brand has more products with an ‘A’ rating in either General Purpose Cleaner, Glass/Window Cleaner or Floor Care Cleaner categories than Aunt Fannie’s.”

I really lean on the EWG when picking out products, so this alone was reason to check out these products.

Their ingredients are honest and real

The ingredients is what earned their spot on the EWG. They’re made with food based ingredients and are not tested on animals. Many other cleaning products, even natural brands, can’t claim the same. Much of these other products have harsh chemicals and fragrances that Aunt Fannies doesn’t use. Even worse, many labels doesn’t even list the full ingredients.

Aunt Fannie’s is free from…

  • Dyes
  • Ammonia
  • Formaldehyde
  • Parabens
  • Bleach
  • Alcohols
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • and more..


They’re easily accessible and affordable

One of the major roadblocks with natural products is trying to track them down, and inability to afford them. Aunt Fannie’s products are affordable, and easily accessible. You can buy online on their website, or find them in a retailer. They’re in tons of stores across the US!

Plus, I have a unique offer code for you!

When you enter the code, UNBOUNDWELLNESS at checkout it will activate the exclusive discount of 30% OFF CART for you and you’ll also get Free Shipping if you buy over $35!! This offer expires on 10/31/17.

Thank you Aunt Fannie’s for partnering with me to spread the word, and for giving me an awesome new solution to use in my home!

YBC Mantra Box Summer 2017 Review | Natural Paleo & Yoga Box

 Thanks, YogaByCondace for sponsoring this post! This box was gifted to me by YogaByCandace LLC. All opinions are my own. 

Summer is coming to a close and fall is on it’s way! Once labor day started inching closer and closer I started getting anxious for my Mantra Box to arrive, which arrives at the end of each season. I’ve been an avid follower of Candace of Yoga by Candace forever, and have been loving partnering with the YBC to review the MantraBox! I’ve always loved discovery subscription boxes and this one is basically my dream box. My husband has his snack box, my friends with dogs have their dog box, and I have my MantraBox filled with all of the crunchy, hippie, paleo things!

In case you haven’t seen my other two reviews (Spring 2017 here and Winter here) of The Mantra box, it’s a quarterly discovery box filled with tons of fun goodies from small health and wellness businesses such as yoga companies, food brands, personal care and beauty products, and more. The box is definitely made for my fellow holistic lifestyle lovers, and my boxes have had everything from yoga straps, to Vital Proteins collagen, to books, and more. You can pick your gender preference as well as paleo, vegetarian, and just a standard “I eat everything”. There are only a limited number available each season, so you can pre-order your fall box today before they sell out!

This box comes out quarterly, but as they come at the end of each season, the products aren’t necessarily seasonal. There’s always a huge variety of things that you can use year round! 

YBC Mantra Box

Summer 2017 Review

Some Of My Favorite Products 

Harney & Sons Fine Tea Blend

This tea blend was one of the first things that I grabbed out of the mantra box. The packaging was just so pretty, unique and eye-catching… and honestly, I’m a sucker for that. 

The tea itself is super fragrant, floral, and delicious! You can get it here and use the code YBC17 for 20% off.

Stamba Super Food Blend 

This travel superfood blend is another one that really caught my eye. I’ve taken the stance as a nutritional therapy practitioner and a blogger to not really talk much about supplements and what I take on my blog because everyone is so different than what I’d give one of my own clients. It’s a superfood blend specifically designed for short term use during travel to help your immunity and digestion. It’s full of just real food ingredients like ginger, mushrooms, etc. as well as a digestive enzymes. 

All of the ingredients may not work for everyone, and again, this isn’t a daily supplement, but I’ve traveled a ton during the past year and this is something that I would definitely bring with me on a long trip. When I went to Indonesia last winter and was stressing about getting enough nutrients and staying well with the jet lag, I wish I would’ve had something like this to try out. You can get yours here!

Magnesium Lotion From Enviormedica

In each MantraBox I’ve gotten so far, there’s been at least one brand that I already use and trust, which is one of the things I love about it! I was pumped to see this magnesium lotion in the box as Ancient Minerals is a brand that I already use! I have a smaller sample size of their magnesium spray that I apply to my feet/calves that I really like, so getting this full size lotion was exciting. Magnesium is absorbed very well through the skin, and this specifically is great for targeting things like leg cramps. 

This lotion came specifically from Enviormedica, and you can get yours here!

OM Ring by Souldivine Stones and Tyes

I was so excited when I saw this gorgeous little ring in the box! It’s gorgeously crafted, and very malleable to easily fit on any finger. You can get this super cute ring here and use the code YBC for $5 off.

Also in this box…

I love getting these mantra boxes every season and highly, highly recommend trying one out. You can pre-order yours for fall, here before they sell out! Thanks again for bringing us this awesome box, YogaByCandace!

My Favorite Non-Toxic Makeup

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Learn what that means here.

Along with cooking, makeup has always been one of my favorite creative outlets. Nobody needs makeup to be beautiful… but it’s fun, and it’s just as much of a personal style choice as clothes or hair. My love for makeup exploded in college when I got into Youtube beauty videos. I quickly went from a drug store girl that would just get whatever my mom got me as a teen to a full blown Sephora addict with stacks of palettes  and mac lipsticks. Oh the mac lipsticks. I was obsessed

A few years ago, I started to realize a huge change in how I would feel when I’d apply lipstick. I’d go from having a normal day to all of a sudden feeling fatigued and flushed just from applying lipstick. I had no idea what was going on… until I actually read the ingredients. Soy, wheat, sesame, mystery coloring, and so many horrible additives that I didn’t even know anything about. 

After doing some more search on how the beauty industry is highly unregulated and filled with just as much junk as the conventional food industry, most of my makeup went in the trash. Hundreds of dollars of lipstick gone just like that. Not only was the money wasted, but one of my favorite creative outlets was gone in an instant. I went back to a very few cleaner basics and even held on to some of my more toxic favorites as I was at a total loss of what to do.

Transitioning your lifestyle to a cleaner on takes time! It’s expensive, and it doesn’t happen over night. That’s why it took me so long to clean up my makeup. However, this was my year that I was finally going to figure it out. I still have more searching to do, but I’m so happy to share that I have basic non-toxic beauty favorites to share!!

Crunchi Foundation 

As someone who had terrible skin as a teenager (hello, gut health) I got hooked on a full coverage, matte liquid foundation pretty early on. Though my skin has improved a lot as my health as improved in general, I still like a good liquid foundation. 

When I asked my Instagram friends about brand recommendations, crunchi was a clear leader. And it’s very, very clear why everyone loves it so much. This foundation is hands down one of the best I’ve tried period. Not just out of the “cleaner” brands, but I’m counting the high end conventional brands as well.

The coverage is amazing, it stays on all day, and crunchi is an amazing company overall who I really trust with a great ingredients glossary and blacklisted ingredients. I got the foundation brush to go along with the crunchi liquid foundation (I’m shade 02). 

W3LL People Concealer 

I almost wound up getting the crunchi concealer which I also heard good things about, but after so many people recommended W3LL people, I really wanted to give it a try. 

I’m very, very picky with concealer. Your girl definitely has some dark circles and I want my concealer to work. The W3LL people bio correct concealer (I’m the lightest shade) has amazing coverage! It’s great for spots as well as dark circles. 

Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette

The Laid Bare Eye Palette was another huge stand out in this line up, and one that I never thought I would find. I was a huge, huge Naked Palette by Urban Decay girl for 5-6 years or so and I refused to use anything else. I’ve tried other cleaner beauty brands eyeshadow and was disappointed by the pigmentation. I want an eye shadow that pops and stays on all day. This one delivers. 

Lily Lolo Laid Bare

Lily lolo has a few different palettes that all look amazing with great basic colors. Laid Bare is pretty comparable to the original Naked palette with nude tones and some darker ones as well. 

I hung on to my Naked palette to do a swatch comparison between the two, and the results were fire! Here’s a swatch of half baked from the Naked palette, and Lady Godiva from the Laid Bare palette. 

Isn’t that amazing? The urban decay colors are a bit darker across the board, but the pigmentation and the staying power of the two palettes are super similar. 

I am thrilled that I found this palette and will be getting more from Lily lolo! 

100% Pure Liquid Eyeliner 

Eyeliner is always part of my signature look. I’ll leave the house without my wallet before I leave without eyeliner on. I’ve been loyal to Stilla for years until I read the back… yup… parabens. 

I’ll be honest that the quality of Stilla is hard to match, but 100% Pure does a great job with this eyeliner. It goes on pretty wet and takes a few minutes to dry, so you have to be strategic with when you put it on to make sure it doesn’t smudge, but it defiantly stays on all day and produces a great look. 

Fairy Girl Liquid Lip Potions

I found Fairy Girl on Instagram and was really drawn to their colors and their bundle deals. The ingredients are free of parabens, gluten, soy, etc. and the staying products are incredible! The colors are so beautiful, and they stay on for hours. 

The color that I’m wearing in the picture is Cherish, but I also really love Faith

Axiology Lip Crayons

Did you really think I could really keep it to just one lipstick? I just had to give axiology a shout out!

I was blown away by how clean the Axiology ingredients are! Avocado, coconut, castor oil, and other essential oils are just some of the awesome ingredients in these lip colors. So far, the only color I have is Enchant, and I love it. Highly recommend checking them out. 

100% Pure Maracuja Mascara

This mascara was one of the very first cleaner beauty swaps that I made, and it made me a 100% percent pure fan over night. The mascara is colored with black tea, and as someone coming off of the They’re Real mascara from Benefit, I didn’t miss a beat with this one. It’s an amazing product! 

What about other popular brands like Beauty Counter?

I’ve tried other brands, but these just wound up being my favorites as of right now. That doesn’t mean I have anything against any brand that I didn’t mention in this post, this is just my personal preference.

For example, when I was into conventional makeup, Benefit and Urban Decay were some of my go-to brands. That didn’t mean that I thought Nars, Too Faced, and Smash Box were bad… they just weren’t what I gravitated towards. 

What about bronzer, primer, blush, highlight, etc.?

Like I said, replacing all of your makeup is expensive and it takes time! Every single product you see here I paid for out of pocket on my own… no one is sending me free makeup to review (at least as I type this in 2017). 

These are the products that I use every day and were the highest priority for me to switch over. I intend to keep building my collection and keeping you updated as I do, but this is it for now! 

I hope this post was helpful! I look forward to sharing more about holistic beauty soon! 

My Favorite Non- Toxic Makeup