Looking for more gut healing support?

You are so not alone!

The struggle to improve our gut health is necessary and wide spread. Leaky gut is becoming a household phrase, and millions of American’s are diagnosed with autoimmune disease like myself with Hashimoto’s… and it all starts with our gut health.

But let’s be real… healing your gut is hard work!

It’s hard to visualize, it’s hard to put into practice and it’s hard to get the right support. People don’t get it, they pressure you to just eat the pizza anyway, and it’s hard to understand what to even do in the first place.

That’s why I created the free challenge and support group… The 30 Day Gut Healing Challenge!

Designed as a companion with the 30 Day Gut Healing Guide, this challenge is open to those who are using the guide, or are curious about gut healing and wanting more support! 

Sign up for free now… we kicking off for the first time on March 6th 2017!


Free Challenge Guide With Gut Healing Info

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a free challenge guide with food lists, lifestyle tips, and the challenge calendar.

Live Q&A Videos WEEKLY!

Every week, I’ll host live Q&A videos in the Facebook group to answer all of your questions.

Free Support Group

You’ll join the support group of likeminded folks who are all going through the same journey. 

More Insight For Healing Your Gut!

Weekly exclusive content, recipes, and more to support you on your gut healing journey! 

A Word From Your Challenge Leader

I’m Michelle! Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Author here at Unbound Wellness.

I created this challenge and the 30 Day Gut Healing Guide because it’s just the kind of support that I needed years ago when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Leaky Gut.

I went years with fatigue, mystery food allergies, digestive distress, and the complete hopeless feeling that I would never get better. This challenge is designed to give you the support that helped give me relief! 

For Even More Support Grab Your Copy of The 30 Day Gut Healing Diet Plan & Guide!

This guide is the companion to the group challenge with over 70 pages of…

  • 30 days of AIP & Paleo meal plans
  • Shopping lists and meal prep guides
  • Recipes with low-fodmap & low starch modifications
  • Tons of info on healing your gut!