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I’ve been loving squash this season, especially acorn squash. Can you believe I’ve only ever had acorn squash once before last winter? Squashes can be intimidating, but acorn squash has quickly become my favorite as it’s so easy to prepare, and cook! I shared a paleo version of my stuffed acorn squash on Real Food Diets which featured pomegranate seeds, and Tin Star Foods ghee, but I wanted to share an Autoimmune Protocol version here! 

Like I said, these guys are just so easy to cook and to pick out. However, I do recommend trying to find a local source. Not only is buying local a more nutrient dense and economical way to eat, but the taste and quality is noticeable. I got these from Johnson’s Backyard Garden and they were leaps and bounds more delicious than what I’ve previously gotten at the store. 

On that note, I also recommend getting a pastured ground pork and bacon. I was low on ground pork a few weeks ago and grabbed some from the store only to find that it had soybean oil in it. Yuck! Buying protein sources grass-fed, pastured, and wild caught has the same benefits of buying local produce. I get mine from Livestock First Ranch here is Dallas, but be sure to look up a local source of your own.

 AIP Stuffed Acorn Squash

A couple of notes about this recipe, one is that there are a few elements to this dish, so I like to prep some of them ahead of time or in bulk to have more for later! So, I usually cook several pieces of bacon for breakfast and then just save some for this dish later in the day. Same goes for the apples. I cook more than the recipe calls for and save some for a treat later just by themselves. My husband isn’t AIP and can tolerate grass-fed yogurt just fine, so I can add them to the yogurt for him as well. Yum!

Also, if you choose to go with dried cranberries, be cautious of the ingredients. Many brands can have seed oils and added sugars. I love dehydrating things myself, but they’re completely optional! 

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So, I have two acorn squashes waiting in the wings right now and can’t wait to eat them. Sadly, it’s all canned tuna and pre-prepped meatballs for me until Tuesday, because my wedding is this weekend! Ahh! More to come as well as on my honeymoon in Italy to follow. Swoon.

Have you had acorn squash yet this season? What’s your favorite way to eat it?