Today, Michelle and Anne are talking to Alaena Haber, blogger at Grazed & Enthused and co-author of The Healing Kitchen, about her autoimmune healing story and how she makes the Autoimmune Protocol sustainable and fun!

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  • What Alaena is loving [4:38]
  • Alaena’s health & healing story [7:30]
  • Alaena’s AIP journey [14:57]
  • Feeding your baby real food [18:48]
  • Judgment of others diet [20:01]
  • Making AIP easier and less overwhelming [24:36]
  • Alaena’s best food & cooking tips [28:35]
  • Dining out AIP [31:20]
  • Food budget [34:45]
  • Getting through struggles & stress management tips [39:17]
  • The Healing Kitchen [50:01]
  • New topics on Grazed & Enthused [56:36]

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