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These items are some of my personal favorite newborn items!

When I got pregnant back in July of 2019 with my first baby I had no idea what the heck kind of world he’d be born into! Jett was born right in the middle of a shelter in place here in Dallas, TX and we had a pretty unexpected birth story (which I may or may not ever tell, TBH). I had planned to write a whole blog post for my baby registry in my third trimester, but I honestly wasn’t in the right headspace at the time. However, I honestly like these blog posts even better than registry blog posts! I’ve had the opportunity to use all of our baby items and wanted to share my absolute favorites for those first couple of months!


Bedtime Essentials

The Hatch Rest Sound Machine & Night Light. We bought a really cheap sound machine and it was broken in a week. I decided to upgrade and haven’t regretted it! This sound machine is also a night light, and it definitely helps us all sleep better.

The Ollie Swaddle. I’ve read a lot of mixed opinions on swaddling, but we made the decision to do it (while he was not rolling) and the ollie was our favorite that we tried! You only need one size, and it’s far more open on the hips than others.

Baby Shusher. I thought this was an absurd baby product when I saw people talking about it. $35 for a little sound machine that only shushes? But seriously… it works. If Jett is really resisting sleep, I’ll use the Hatch set to a rain sound and the shusher and it helps get him down much faster.

Eufy baby monitor. We love this baby monitor! It doesn’t use wifi and it has great night vision.

Fisher-Price Bassinet. Since Jett is exclusively breastfed and I don’t tend to give him a ton of bottles, he sleeps in our room near me in a bassinet. Daniel and I actually rented the Snoo bassinet for the first 6 weeks or so because we heard so many good things about it. However, Jett started sleeping pretty long stretches by about 6 weeks and we felt like it wasn’t worth the monthly expense. We downgraded and got this simple bassinet and it works great for us! It was absolutely essential for me to have a mesh sided bassinet since Jett can squirm up on the side of it, and this has perfect mesh. We plan to transition Jett into his crib once he grows out of this.

Snuza movement monitor. This isn’t essential, but it really gives me peace of mind. The owlet sleep sock is a super popular baby item right now since it tracks breathing, but we didn’t love the price tag or the fact that it used wifi. The snuza is battery powered and we actually got it unopened at a baby consignment store for less than half the usual price.



Breast pump and feeding pillow

Spectra pump. So. full disclosure, I don’t really pump a ton. I had to see a lactation consultant when I had an oversupply and had to work back my supply, and she suggested stopping the pump. Since I work from home, I don’t have a need for a huge freezer stash, nor did I ever have supply issues. However, I really love how easy this pump is and have never had any issues using it.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. Now that Jett and I are both a lot more comfortable with nursing, we don’t use this pillow anymore. However, it was so helpful when I was learning how to nurse!

Haaka Breast Pump. This is another one that I don’t use as much anymore as my lactation consultant advised me to take a break from it to get my oversupply down. However, I think it’s an amazing product! The haaka is a silicone breast pump that catches the let-down from the other breast while nursing. In the early days, I wound up building a pretty big freezer stash just by using this while nursing.

Burp cloths. You can never have enough of these on hand!

True & co bras. Since I don’t pump a ton, I don’t really have the need for a pumping bra daily. I’m still using the bras that I wore pre-baby for nursing! No, they’re not nursing bras, but they’re easy to pull down for nursing and I find them way more comfortable than nursing bras.



Graco stroller & car seat. We love how easy this stroller system is! It’s so simple to just pop the car seat out of the car and lock it into the stroller for walks.

Solly baby wrap. This has to be one of my favorite baby items, period. Since it’s summer in Texas, I don’t really wear Jett outside, but I use this in the house daily. Jett loves to look around and watch what I’m doing so it’s much easier on both of us to have him in the Solly wrap. I actually have two because he loves to slobber on it and I never want to be without a clean one!



Diapers and diaper pail

Andy Pandy Diapers. Honestly, Daniel and I just really didn’t want to cloth diaper! We tried a few different diaper brands, but this has been my favorite. My best friend sent us some when Jett was born and we haven’t looked back. They ran big at first, but they’re super soft and have a convenient wet line.

Bambo changing pad. I am so happy we got this! We have it on his changing table and it makes it so much easier to clean for when he inevitably pees during diaper changes.

Ubbi diaper pail. This really does do a good job of hiding the smell!

Up & up baby wipes. These came recommended as well and we really like them!



Baby bathtub

Angel Care Bathsupport. We just don’t have a sink in our house that would be good for bathtime, so we use this in the bathtub. It fits him perfectly and it’s easy to use.

Beauty Counter Baby Gentle All-Over Wash. We don’t give him a bath with soap every single day (only about 2-3x a week) but this stuff has been great for when we need it!

Play & Other Baby Gear

Baby bouncer and art cards

Activity Gym. We often have Jett just play on a blanket as well, but this playmat is great for holding his attention.

Tummy Time Playboard. Jett really loves the art cards in this as well as the mirror! It’s our go-to newborn toy to get him mentally stimulated.

Bibs pacifiers. We were concerned about nipple confusion with pacifiers at first and that it would interfere with nursing, but Jett hasn’t struggled with that at all. He eats like a champ and has been gaining weight consistently (and ahead of schedule) since we brought him home. We’re aware that we’ll have to wean him off of it, but he really likes them for now.

Baby Bjorn bouncer. This bouncer is super sleek, light, and easy to clean. I love how easy it is to carry from room to room. Most days I just wear Jett in a wrap, but when I’m doing dishes or need more range of motion I pull this into the kitchen (or wherever I am) and set him down. We also have a mama roo that we got from my in-laws that we love, but the baby Bjorn is much more flexible to use.



Kyte baby clothes. This is by far my favorite brand for baby clothes! Personally, I don’t love baby clothes that have a ton of print or words on them as it makes it much harder to mix and match when they’re constantly getting dirty. Kyte has a wide range of solid colors in all of its styles which I love. Plus, they’re incredibly soft, stretchy and easy to put on!

Jett doesn’t love getting dressed in clothes that are tight and uncomfortable to slide onto his head, so I’ve been using these rompers all of the time and we both love them! Their women’s shirts are also my favorite for nursing.

Oliver & Rain. This brand has super cute clothes that are soft and easy for Jett to wear! I especially love their joggers.



Huckleberry. The huckleberry app tracks sleep, feeding, diapers, etc. which is super helpful, especially in the early days and weeks when you’re trying to get a feel for your baby’s general patterns. What I love about this app is that it has smart suggestions for sleep and gives suggestions for when to put your baby down for a nap or bedtime!

The Wonder Weeks. This is also a book and is based on predicting your baby’s developmental leaps and guiding you through supporting your baby when they’re going through developmental milestones.