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Get to know Michelle

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune thyroid disease), leaky gut, and multiple food allergies eight years ago, I’ve been on a journey to heal myself and manage my health struggles naturally. Today, I work with others to help them do the same.


How to Heal Your Body Image with Autoimmune Disease

Would it surprise you if I told you that I grew up struggling with body image? Probably not. And that’s incredibly sad. The number of young girls, women, and yes, men too, that struggle with negative body image is staggering. We all feel the pressure to be look a certain way, and we all feel like we’re not good enough if we don’t look that way.

Single Serve AIP Brownie

I have this weird obsession with single serve desserts and mug cakes. It’s most likely because I can’t be trusted with an entire cake, so I’m better off just making a mug cake. Needless to say, AIP and being egg, grain, nut, and dairy free makes mug cakes and single serve baked goods kind of challenging….

Why I Stopped Trying to Lose Weight with Hashimoto’s 

I was 17 when I was first diagnosed with the autoimmune thyroid disease that often results in weight gain. I was under as much pressure as any other girl to look thin, and I felt like I was out of control of my weight. Though my weight gain was never more than 20 lbs at the most, I struggled and I tried over and over again to shed the unwanted weight. 

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