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I went through a phase in college… okay I went through a lot phases, but the one I want to focus on today was my lipstick phase. It’s actually two years to the date (thanks for the fond memories, Timehop!) that I bought my first Candy Yum Yum lipstick. I just love how lipstick can completely and effortlessly change your look. However, I’ve had to pivot a bit and sadly put away most of my beloved lipsticks after a recent experience of getting an intense, instant reaction from a conventional lipstick. I didn’t care to find out exactly what it was.. could’ve been soybean oil, could’ve been vanillin (I have a vanilla intolerance), but whatever it was, it just wasn’t agreeing with me personally right now. That’s why I’ve made a switch to colorganics lip tint for an organic lipstick option. The colors are beautiful, the lip tint goes on easy, and the ingredients are hemp based and keep me feeling great!

The two colors that I’m going to review today are the Colorganics love and earth lip tints.

First, the colorganics Love lip tint. The color goes on very sheer (almost like a lipgloss), but is build-able.  It’s actually going to be my lip color on my wedding day! The love colorganics lip tint is a super feminine soft color, and one of my daily favorites for a natural look.

The love lip tint is a great everyday color! It’s light, fresh, and so easy to match with anything.

I really love the earth lip tint for a bit more of a dramatic look. It’s a lot more matte and closer to a lipstick. This one is much more long lasting that the love color, and is probably my favorite thus far. It’s a great deep earth tone that’s great for fall!

It still disappoints me to know that my food allergies and intolerances stop me from something as seemingly harmless as lipstick. True healing and being your own health advocate goes beyond just the kitchen. It’s a lifestyle and requires sacrifice, testing, and change. Plus, if I can give up actually candy, I can give up Candy Yum Yum.

I’m still rebuilding my lipstick hoard to an all organic, hypoallergenic fleet to match my lifestyle, but this brand is aces! I’ll definitely be getting more from this brand as well as trying out some others.

What’s your favorite lipstick or makeup brand? Do you have organic lipstick?