When you’re rebuilding your pantry from scratch, there are a lot of questions. I remember when I emptied out my all purpose flour and white sugar years ago and wondered what the heck I was supposed to do now on birthdays? Or what I was going to cook in without canola oil? I had been cooking with staples like corn starch, seed oils, iodized salt, and refined sugar for years! I had no idea what to do without them.

It was a lot of work to rebuild my pantry and find new staples, but it’s clearly made a huge difference in my health and my life to transition to these Paleo and AIP Pantry staples

First, what are the best places to shop?


Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Natural Grocers

These are my local stores that I shop at the most of course, local stores vary by location, but this is where I have the most luck for pantry staples. Personally, Natural Grocers is my favorite! 

Tropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions is the only place I buy coconut products from. They harvest their coconut products traditionally in the Philippines, and you can really taste the different. I use a lot of coconut in my recipes, and often get questions as to whether or not you can taste the coconut in them. Of course it depends on your palate, but Tropical Traditions products easily has the best flavor.

Though they mostly sell coconut products, they also sell lots of other great staples like palm oil, supplements, and even skin care products. I love their coconut based lotion! 

Thrive Market

I love Thrive Market! Thrive is essentially Amazon for natural food and products that sells non-GMO and organic foods at a discount. I was skeptical for a while about Thrive, but decided to try it out and really like it. My favorite thing about Thrive is that they often throw in free products and give big discounts like 15% off your entire order… which is huge


I swear that I basically get everything from Amazon. I’ve had Amazon Prime since college and have never looked back. It’s so convenient for getting everything and anything, and a lot of my staples come from Amazon. 

Wild Foods Co

I just started using Wild Foods Co, and I highly recommend trying it out for spices, teas, and other pantry staples. Their products are super high quality, and delicious!  


My Paleo AIP Pantry Staples 

Cooking Fats 


Other baking staples 


Canned fish 




Paleo/ AIP Pantry Staples