This blog post has been a long time coming. Too long. It’s hard to pour your heart out to hundreds of thousands of strangers, you know? But it’s worth the inevitable backlash to be able to share the most important part of my healing journey and my life.

However… a quick disclaimer that if you don’t agree with my views, I completely accept and respect that! I’m using this blog as a space that I created to share my views on God and reading my views are totally optional. No hard feelings if you’d rather just take some recipes and skip anything else.

Now, I won’t lie to you and tell you that I’ve had it the very worst run with my health. I’m fortunate compared to so many of my friends and acquaintances who have had it worse. But it hasn’t been easy. No one really has it easy for one reason or another. My hashimoto’s made me incredibly fatigued, I lost my hair, it made me socially isolated. My gut issues made me even more socially isolated, took away so many of my favorite foods and activities that I once enjoyed, and contributing to me feeling like crap for a huge percentage of my time of this Earth. It could always be worse, but it’s not easy.

When you can’t always trust doctors, you feel like you can only trust yourself. Like healing is all in your hands and all other authorities have left you. You ask, “why is this happening to me?” “Who can I trust?”. Even in the hardest moments, my answer has been God. Even when I felt like everything I ate made me sick, and I didn’t understand why such a bad thing could happen to me, I still trusted God.

The question that I know a lot of people have is why? And how? That’s why I wanted to share Why I trust God with my health. Even in the hopeless moments, and even when I don’t understand, and why it’s the most important part of my health journey.

Why I Trust God With My Health

First, I recognize that perfect health does not exist.

One of my favorite verses is…

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

– John 16:33. 

So, what does that mean? One of the biggest misconceptions is that when we start following God and living like Christ, everything is perfect and we live a blessed life. If God is on our side, nothing can go wrong, and all it takes is a quick prayer to get us out of a sticky situtation. Like a helicopter parent bailing a 13 year old out of some trouble. We’ve all heard that mentality, right? Maybe even believed it. When in reality, that’s far from the truth.

We’re never promised a perfect life… whether we follow God or not. Original sin has made it to where we will have problems in this  world. We will experience pain, we may get sick no matter how healthy of a lifestyle we live, and we will all experience death. No free passes are guaranteed and nobody gets one. Of course there’s a spectrum of what struggles people face, but none of us are immune to struggles in general.

The point is that even though we all experience trouble in this world because of sin, Jesus has overcome the sins of the world by taking them on himself. Even if we have troubles in this world that are painful, unfair, and completely confusing, there is a world beyond this one, and hope in a God that has overcome this one.

Whenever I feel hopeless with my own health or life, I remember that this life isn’t meant to be perfect, but that God provides salvation.

I also recognize that I can’t do it all and don’t understand it all. 

The question always arises, “How could God allow “x” to happen?”. First, I always refer to the verse above, and second, we don’t always have the answer for that. We just don’t know why everything happens. I don’t understand why certain things happen, and I don’t claim that I know how to fix it. But I have chosen to trust God even when I don’t understand. For more reading on that, I love this article from Lee Strobel.

We all want to have it all figured out. Especially with our health. We endlessly Google, listen to podcasts, buy books, and even go to schools ourselves. The answer to perfect health has to be out there right? It’s just not that easy.

I’ve accepted that I will never fully understand every inner working of my body at every given moment. No one has it all figured out. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do what’s in our power to learn more and strive for better health. Clearly, I work on my own health and help others do the same. But, it’s important to remember that we’ll never have it all figured out… it also takes trust.

Personal relationships are about trust and faith… and that’s not always easy. 

God isn’t this lofty man in the sky in a white robe sitting on a throne that we can’t come anywhere near knowing. A personal relationship with God is possible, and it’s what God wants with us. Through prayer, through reading His word, and through striving to be like Him, we can form that relationship.

And with any relationship, there’s a certain element of not knowing 100%… you just have to trust.

For example… my husband, Daniel, is super creative and loves making home improvements. From installing vintage light fixtures, to mixing and pouring his own concrete, to ripping out the bathroom tile on a moments notice, he does it all. A lot of the time he’ll give me a quick rundown of his vision, and I just don’t really see it working. Regardless, I choose to trust him and have faith that he’ll do the best he can… and he always does.

Clearly, that’s only a very small example of trust in our relationship. Trust can be as small as trusting your friend to make dinner reservations, or trusting a spouse to be in it with you for a lifetime. Every time you get behind the wheel of a car you’re trusting the drivers around you to not crash into you. No matter the situation, life always take a certain amount and trust and blind faith.

The same thing goes for a relationship with God. Even when I’m stepping back looking at my life or my health as a mid-remodel bathroom in shambles with broken tiles, and dust, I still have to trust that in the end it will all come together. Trust is never easy. We want to be in control and see the outcome before it happens. But even when we feel our most of out control, in one way or another, it always works out.

Nothing gives me more comfort or purpose than my relationship with God.

Just like any personal relationship always takes work and trust can waiver, the same goes for a relationship and trust in God. It’s a journey and process.

However, nothing gives me more comfort than that relationship with Him. In both life, and in the health space, we so often stumble for answers. We jump from different protocols, different diets, different fitness regimens, looking for the answer and looking for a way to make us feel good and worthy. Here’s the thing… these things are necessary, but nothing will ever give as much comfort and purpose to me than a relationship with God and the knowledge that even though this health journey is hard, and that trouble will constantly exist around ever single turn, He has overcome the world.


Thank you for reading to this super personal post! I hope that it can help you along whatever tough spot you’re currently in, or give you some fresh insight.