And we’re back for episode 2 of the Unbound Healing podcast!! Can I just say that we’re both blown away by all of the positive feedback and support on episode one? We were #119 in the Health category top #200 in iTunes on our first episode and were absolutely beaming all weekend. I’m so excited to keep bringing you all more.

In episode two, Anne and I are sharing five steps you can implement to start healing your body.

What Anne Marie is loving this week [6:31]
Overview of 5 Steps to Heal Your Body [9:05]
Step 1: Stress and Mindset [10:35]
Step 2: Sleep [27:55]
Step 3: Diet [36:37]
Step 4: Digestion and Gut Health [47:15]
Step 5: Addressing Your Root Cause [56:02]

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What Anne Marie is loving this week: Oura Ring fitness tracker

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