#19: Yoga, Gut Healing & More with Candace Moore of YogaByCandace

Today Anne Marie and Michelle are talking to the amazing Candance Moore of Yoga By Candace. We’re diving into her own healing story, her best yoga advice, and more!

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[00:57] Introduce Candance Moore of Yoga By Candace
[2:18] What Candace is loving
[4:30] Candace’s health story with chronic lyme
[10:30] About the GAPS diet
[20:00] Traveling with food restrictions
[22:30] Top 2 things that helped Candace heal
[24:00] Following intuition
[26:40] Mindset and healing
[29:55] Candace’s yoga story
[33:00] Getting started with yoga
[40:50] Intuitive exercise
[42:50] Starting your own online business
[55:20] Meal of the week

Links we mentioned in the podcast:
From more from Candace at YogabyCandace.com
Find more from Anne Marie at GrassFedSalsa.com
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Episode #16 : All About The AIP with The Paleo Mom, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

This week, Anne and I are talking with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom herself! We are so humbled, excited, and honored to be able to do this episode. Sarah is such a prolific part of this world, and her interview abolsutely blew us away.

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  • Introducing Sarah [0:50]
  • What is Sarah is loving [1:30]
  • Sarah’s healing story [6:30]
  • What is AIP and why does it work [22:04]
  • Prioritizing organic [32:58]
  • Veganism/Vegetarianism [41:00]
  • Does AIP work for everyone? [47:45]
  • When AIP isn’t working [54:00]


Links we mentioned in the podcast:


#8: Crucial Steps To Healing Your Gut

In this episode, Anne Marie and I are taking crucial steps to heal your gut from removing inflammatory foods, reintroducing mindfully, and more!

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  • Updates from Anne [0:56]
  • Updates for Michelle [2:20]
  • What Michelle is loving [3:55]
  • Why your gut health is important [8:50]
  • Gluten & gut health [14:25]
  • What causes “leaky gut” [15:50]
  • Why you should focus on your gut health [20:21]
  • How to know you may have a gut health problem [32:40]
  • Steps to Heal your gut [36:00]
  • Optimizing your digestion [36:40]
  • Remove [40:10]
  • Replace [45:20]
  • Reinoculate & restore [47:10]
  • Relax [48:40]
  • Reintroduce [50:10]
  • Restart [53:55]
  • Quick tips [57:30]
  • Meal of the week [60:40]

Links we mentioned in the podcast:

  • AIP resources blog post- https://grassfedsalsa.com/blog/ultimate-aip-tools-and-resources/
  • Ultimate list of tools & resources for healing your gut- https://unboundwellness.com/gut-healing-tools/
  • Back to school recipe #1- https://unboundwellness.com/paleo-sweet-potato-bacon-bars/
  • Free back to school meal plan- https://unboundwellness.com/back-school-meal-plan/
  • “When painkillers are good for you” blog post- http://www.phoenixhelix.com/2013/04/28/when-painkillers-are-good-for-you/
  • All in the mind podcast- http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/allinthemind/
  • Optimizing your digestion- https://unboundwellness.com/improve-your-digestion-naturally/
  • AIP sloppy joe- https://grassfedsalsa.com/blog/sloppy-joes/
  • Find More from Anne Marie- Grassfedsalsa.com


6: Healing Hashimoto’s, POTS and Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

Today Anne Marie and I are answering listener questions and providing recommendations on healing hashimotos, POTS, and adrenal fatigue naturally.

  • Topics
    Updates from Michelle [1:45]
  • What Michelle is loving [5:53]
  • Recommendations for newly diagnosed with hashimotos [9:06]
  • Recommendations for POTS and adrenal fatigue [27:17]
  • Baby steps into a whole foods diet [50:42]
  • Meal of the week [60:00]

Links we mentioned in the podcast:
Norephinephrine, HPA-Axis, and POTS articles
Ultimate list of gut healing tools- https://unboundwellness.com/gut-healing-tools/
How to improve digestion naturally- https://unboundwellness.com/improve-your-digestion-naturally/
Adrenal Healing Mocktail – https://grassfedsalsa.com/blog/adrenal-healing-mocktail/
Cortisol test – https://livewelltesting.com/zrt-1-panel-cortisol-c-hormone-imbalance-saliva-test-kit/

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#5: All About Elimination Diets

Today Michelle and Anne Marie are talking all about elimination diets and sharing an overview of the best elimination diets to try (and why you might want to try one).

Updates from Michelle [1:00]
Updates from Anne Marie [7:27]
What Anne is loving [9:33]
What are elimination diets? [11:28]
What is the goal? [20:00]
Whole 30 [25:05]
Paleo [28:30]
AIP [30:12]
GAPS, SCD, Low Starch [34:15]
Low Fodmap [37:45]
Low Histamine [40:50]
Ditch Your Nutritionist Group Coaching [45:30]
How to be successful on your elimination diet [49:12]

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#4: How To Stop The Comparison Trap

Today, Anne and I are discussing the comparison trap, how it negatively affects your healing journey, and how to stop!


  • Big news from Anne [1:16]
  • What Michelle is loving [6:22]
  • The comparison trap [10:00]
  • Why we compare ourselves [13:05]
  • Why it’s harmful [17:41]
  • Comparing yourself to your former self [27:20]
  • How to stop comparison [35:09]
  • Recognize when you’re comparing yourself [35:20]
  • End the cycle [37:25]
  • Set realistic goals [40:31]
  • How to be more grateful [46:20]

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Links mentioned-

AIP Breakfast Sandwiches – (link to come)

Ready to Pop-sicles (pregnancy announcement) – grassfedsalsa.com/blog/prosecco-popsicles/

Michelle’s blog post about constantly obsessing about health unboundwellness.com/how-to-stop-obsessing-over-health

Melyssa Griffin podcast on gratitude – http://www.melyssagriffin.com/danielle-laporte-define-success/