Paleo & AIP Travel Food Guide & Checklist

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I never really considered myself much of a big traveler in comparison to others, but with the number of trips that I have planned for work, pleasure, and seeing family piling up this year, I think I’m finally passing into that territory. I love traveling, but it can be sure to take the wind out of your sails with jet lag, time spent in airports or cars, and especially time spent planning food if you’re on a healing diet! Even just one trip on a healing diet can be a huge undertaking. Having traveled a ton both domestically and itnernationally (both to Europe and Asia) since I’ve gone paleo and modified autoimmune protocol to keep with my Hashimoto’s and gut health, I’ve had to become an expert on travel food to stay happy on the road, which is why I’m happy to share this AIP/ paleo travel food guide!

Though it may be a lot of effort to plan this far ahead, it’s 100% worth it. Folks often ask me if I “take a break from my diet” on the road, and the answer is “no”. It’s not a diet to keep me looking a certain way… it’s a lifestyle to keep me healthy, happy, and thriving. My intolerances and reactions don’t take a vacation, and though it may seem fun to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever, the reactions are not worth it. I’d much rather have a great time traveling with my own food than eat whatever I come across and feel sick. We all have our own priorities, but feeling well is worth the effort!

Like I said, I’ve traveled a lot since I’ve gone AIP/ Paleo. I’ve been on trips where I’ve had a full kitchen, trips where I’ve been overseas and had no fridge or kitchen, trips where I’ve been able to eat out, and trips where I’ve eaten 100% out of my suitcase. Every trips is different, but here are my best tips…

Paleo/ AIP Travel Food Tips

Food Check List

Paleo & AIP Travel Food Guide & Checklist

Fruits & Vegetables 

  • Fresh sliced carrots
  • Fresh celery
  • Fresh greens like bagged arugula or herbs (keep cold with ice packs)
  • Baby food with no additives (perfect for when you don’t have a fridge) 
  • Seasnax seaweed packs
  • Vital proteins collagen veggie blend





  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Betaine HCL (for stomach acid production)
  • Activated charcoal (great for if you get an upset stomach) 


When it comes to food, I always bring more than I think I’ll need. When I went to Indonesia for a business, I wound up bringing back a ton of food with me that I didn’t eat because I was so jet lagged that my appetite was a mess, but I was happy to have too much food than not enough considering I didn’t get to eat out or go to a grocery store once!

Meal Ideas 

Sit down meal with a cooking device (stove, or travel crackpot)

Carrot & bone broth soup cooked in the crockpot with a side salad of arugula, cilantro, proscuttio and olive oil. 

Simple salad

Fresh greens and herbs, travel olive oil, sardines, and sea snax.

On the go

Homemade beef jerky, plantains chips, and baby food. Perfect for a picnic lunch!

Throw in you purse essentials 

I love having some vital proteins, tea, epic bars, ghee on the go, and baby food just in my purse at all times in case I get hungry! 

Lodging & Eating Out Tips

1. Always “try” to get a full kitchen 

Yes, if you can get a full kitchen, that’s always the most ideal situation. That way, you can pack less food and have more fresh meals during your stay. Air B n B is always a good option for finding a suitable kitchen, but many hotels also come with full kitchens!

2. If you can’t get a kitchen, bring a travel cooler and mini cooking device

Truth is, you can’t always get a full kitchen. I’ve been on many trips where I haven’t had one and have wound up just fine. If you don’t have a kitchen bring a mini cooking device to warm up your food and a travel cooler to keep it cold. Hotel always have ice to top off your cooler! 

My mini crockpot is a lifesaver! I eat a lot of bone broth, and soup, so it’s perfect for heating up frozen soups. The hot logic oven is also a good one to have!

3. For eating out, be wary of cross contamination, oils and additives. 

With eating out, I’m always overly cautious, but I never regret it. Even if a menu item says “gluten free”, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t cross contaminated, or cooked in something like canola oil. As someone who has worked in a lot of restaurants in my past, I know from experience that most places aren’t overly cautious or really even that educated on how to avoid cross contamination. Don’t throw caution to the wind just because something seems promising enough… ask questions, and stay cautious. 

4. Do your research for good restaurants. 

Great restaurants that are safe to eat at do exist, you just have to do some research! I’ve been able to eat out at awesome spots like Mission Heirloom in Berkely, CA, and Picnik in Austin, TX and I’ve loved every second of it. Eileen at Phoenix Helix wrote an amazing paleo restaurants guide that’s great to reference! Do your research, and call ahead, and you may be surprised at what’s out there. 

5. When in doubt, order a mostly raw meal and layer on your own food to bulk it up. 

Whenever I’m iffy about cross contamination and mystery oils, I always order a mostly raw meal and then layer on with food in my purse! An example of that may be that I’ll order a plain salad and add on my own olive oil and epic bar! Easy peasy.

6. Don’t stress… just prepare as much as you can and have fun!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We all make mistakes, and it’s not the end of the world if you slip up. Just prepare as much as you can, and have fun! 

 Paleo & AIP Travel Food Guide & Checklist

Bone Broth Green “Smoothie” Drink

It’s no secret that greens are good for you. They’re packed with vitamins and phytonutrients that are essential for you to thrive. That’s why green drinks and green smoothies are so popular. I fell in love with the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead years ago, and it’s all about a man with autoimmune disease who brings himself back to health with a green juice fast. Though it’s inspiring and has a good core message of “eat your greens”, I don’t recommend long term juice fasting as an NTP. You lose the necessary fiber, and lack certain protein and minerals. However, it’s undeniable that getting in lots of greens at once is an effective strategy! That’s why I decided to put a spin on a green drink with this bone broth green “smoothie” drink!

It’s super easy and quick to make in the instant pot (or modified on the stove) and it’s the perfect way to get in tons of veggies and bone broth at once. You can drink it straight either warm or slightly chilled (I like it best warm) or you can even eat it as a soup and add in some extra fat like avocado or protein like shredded chicken!

So, why is this drink the bomb?

Why I Love This Bone Broth Green Smoothie Drink

1.It’s packed with greens 

It’s not secret that we want to try and get in more green veggies. They’re packed with vitamins, phytonutrients to keep us healthy, and this smoothie is full of them with kale, celery, leeks, and cilantro! 

2. It still has the fiber in the veggies

One of the drawbacks of juices is that you lose the fiber in the veggies. It can be fine to have a juice without the fiber every now and then, but by and large, fiber is an important part of the vegetable and still comes with added nutrients. This drink is a smoothie/pureed soup rather than a juice, so the fiber is still intact!

3. The base is gut healing bone broth

Rather than water or a milk, the base to the smoothie/pureed soup is gut healing bone broth! 

Bone broth comes with tons of benefits such as… 

  • It’s rich in minerals that are easily absorbed,
  • It’s high in collagen and amino acids
  • Bone broth is full of good quality protein and healthy fatty acids
  • It’s good for the hair, skin, nails, and gut integrity.

Bone broth is often a staple in the gut healing diets like my 30 Day Gut Healing Diet Plan & Guide and the key to adding protein, fats, and minerals to this drink, which juices alone don’t pack as much of a punch from. 

4. It’s an easy way to get in tons of nutrients at once!

Starting your day with this drink is a great way to get in lots of greens, and bone broth all at once! 

Food is medicine and when working on healing the gut, or other chronic illness, lots of food is required to add in lots of nutrients. It’s not easy to get in bone broth and tons of veggies daily, so this drink is a perfect way to get in some extra nutrients. 

5. It’s made in the Instant Pot to save time

I love using my instant pot to save time on recipes like this! It cuts the time in half, and always makes such a flavorful meal. 

If you don’t have an instant pot, you can still make the recipe on a stove top! Simply follow the modifications in the recipe as listed. 

Bone Broth Green "Smoothie" Drink


  • 1 cup carrots, chopped
  • 1.5 cups celery, chopped (about 2-3 ribs)
  • 3 cups kale, destemmed and chopped
  • 1 cup leeks, chopped (about 1 large leek)
  • 1/3 cup cilantro
  • 4 cups bone broth
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt


  1. Set the instant pot to sauté and add the coconut oil
  2. Allow the oil to melt
  3. Add the chopped carrots and sauté for 3-5 minutes
  4. Add the remainder of the veggies and the salt lightly sauté for a few minutes to soften
  5. After the veggies are lightly softened, add the bone broth and lemon juice
  6. Turn the instant pot off sauté, and lock on the lid
  7. Press manual, high pressure and set to 12 minutes (for stove top, simply simmer for 25-30 minutes)
  8. After the timer has gone off, carefully quick release the pressure on the instant pot
  9. Remove the lid and allow to cool
  10. Place the mixture in a high speed blender and blend until fully combined
  11. Serve the drink slightly chilled, or warm and enjoy!
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Bone Broth Green "Smoothie" Drink (Paleo, AIP, Whole 30)

That’s all there is to it! Like I said, this is great for a breakfast drink or mid-day snack, but I’ve also had it as a pureed soup at lunch or dinner. Enjoy!!

Spring Strawberry Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette (Paleo, AIP, Whole 30)

Nothing makes me smile more than going to the opening weekend of the farmers market and seeing all of the gorgeous spring fruits and vegetables. Fragrant herbs, and beautiful greens have been one of my staples for the last couple of weeks. I’ve loved adding herbs to bone broth and eating tons of fresh salads. And then there’s one of my favorites… strawberries! One of the perfect additions to spring salads, and my inspiration for this arugula and strawberry salad with homemade lemon vinaigrette. 

At the end of a long day, sometimes I just don’t want to prep a big meal. This salad has been one of my absolute favorites to just throw together and enjoy a flavorful dish while getting in some veggies. I like adding sardines (because I’m weird, I know), but you can certainly add chicken, or another fish to help add some protein and make it a fuller meal!

One of the main things that I’ve always struggled with when it comes to salad was adding flavor. I always thought that salad was just so watery, bland and boring. That’s because I was eating it with iceberg lettuce which is all of the above and more when it comes to being a completely blah salad base. I’ve heard before that veterinarians don’t even recommend serving iceberg lettuce to hamster because it’s so void of nutrition. 

That’s why I love arugula for a salad green base! It’s pepper-y, full of flavor, and isn’t water and bland like iceberg lettuce. At first, it may be a little much to acclimate to if you’ve never had arugula before, but trust me… it’s one of my own favorite ways to help salad actually have amazing flavor without drowning it in creamy dressing and seasoned croutons. 

This homemade dressing is another great way to add flavor to any greens. It’s easy to make, it stores in the fridge, and it is so much better for you than store-bought dressing. Even when store-bought dressings say they contain olive oil as the base ingredient, olive oil can often be cut with other low quality oils to make it cheaper to produce. I’ve very rarely had success with store-bought dressing, but I love the flavor of olive oil, so making it at home is the best solution for keeping the cost down and the quality more controlled. 

Spring Strawberry Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinagrette (Paleo, AIP, Whole 30)


  • 2 cups fresh arugula
  • 1/4 cup fresh red onion, chopped
  • 1/2 avocado, cubed
  • 1/2 cup strawberries, sliced
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp raw honey (optional.. remove for Whole 30)
  • OPTIONAL : Grilled chicken or fish to add protein


  1. Place the bed of arugula in a large mixing bowl
  2. Add the remainder of the ingredients and stir lightly to combine, but not to damage the avocado
  3. For the dressing, add the ingredients to a small bowl and whisk vigorously
  4. Portion out the salad and serve with the dressing on the side, and protein if desired
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This salad is a perfect way to add some more fresh veggies to your day, or to serve at a spring gathering like Easter Sunday dinner! I hope you enjoy!

Spring Strawberry Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinagrette (Paleo, AIP, Whole 30)

How to Shift Your Mindset To Heal Your Gut

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or a mental health professional. This is not professional medical advice or treatment and these opinions are purely informational.

If I’m being perfectly honest with you, I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t have an issue with food or with my gut. I was a toddler when I first started getting chronic ear infections that had me on antibiotics constantly, I had horrible food aversion as a child, I started getting stomach pains as a teenager, and I was finally diagnosed with leaky gut in college. My gut had always been a weak point for all of my life, which effected so much more than just my digestion. Our gut health is responsible for our immunity, our mood, our food cravings and habits, the health of our skin, and our body as a whole. 

We’re all starting to wise up to the fact that our gut health matter tremendously for our health as a whole, and that most of us (especially those with autoimmunity) have very compromised guts. There are so many resources out there on healing your gut. You can find tons of “4 r protocols”, recipes, and books. Heck, I even wrote a gut healing e-book myself! Our gut health really, really matters, and the food, lifestyle, and supplement protocols to heal it are crucial.

However, there’s one huge piece that most people aren’t taking seriously enough when it comes to gut healing. No it’s not more probiotics, more bone broth, or some supplement. I’m talking about mindset

Why Is Mindset So Important For Healing?


Our mindset matters because it not only influences our physiology, our hormones, our cortisol, and our immune system (really, it does) but we can all do about as much as we set out mind to. I have literally made myself sicker over the years over believing that I’m getting sicker and just mentally giving up the fight for a healthier gut. 

Regardless of how hard it is to have a positive outlook when healing the gut, it’s crucial. It’s crucial for our quality of life, our health, and for finally healing

Our mindset plays such a powerful role in our health as a whole, but we don’t always take it seriously. And after being so sick for so long, it’s hard to have a positive mindset, right? This state of poor gut health last for 20+ years for me, how am I supposed to have a positive mindset about it? 

But, beyond going to yoga, taking more walks, and downloading more meditation apps, how can you really change your mindset to insight healing?

How to Shift Your Mindset To Heal Your Gut

  How To Shift Your Mindset To Heal Your Gut

1.Stop telling yourself that your body & your gut hates you.


“Never affirm or repeat about your health what you do not wish to be true.” – Ralph Waldo Trine

One of the biggest problems that I see in this autoimmunity community is that we commonly say “my body is attacking itself” or “my gut hates me” or “my body hates my thyroid”. I see it all over social media, people email me these things, my clients tell them to me, and heck, I’ve said it way to many times. 

It’s true that autoimmunity is a the body emitting an immune response on itself… let’s be fair and recognize it for what it is. However, constantly telling ourselves that we hate our body and that our body hates us creates that negative relationship. If you constantly told yourself that your best friend hates you and you hate your best friend, what would happen? You would start to get uncomfortable around them, project feelings onto them, create arguments in your head that never happened, until you eventually really did hate each other. Think about it… who has a closer relationship with your own body than you?

You create your relationship your body… make it a good one that promotes healing rather than hate. 

I’ve been known to say “my thyroid hates me” often, but I’ve said worse things about my gut as it’s been more of the issue for my entire life. My own negative self talk that I created against my gut issues was “my stomach feels like it’s rotting”. And I mean, it did literally feel like I had eaten food that started to rot in my gut, and with all of the poor digestion I’ve suffered for years, I did have fats rancidifying in my stomach. These feelings were real, but I would sit in my car, or at my desk, or in the back of my yoga class saying in my mind “my stomach is rotting… it feels like it’s rotting… it feels like it’s rotting.” And so, that’s what I focused on. I did that for years. 

It’s only recently that I started to turn that feeling and that self talk into “what can I do to help my body feel better… how can I help my body heal this… what can I do to promote healing?”. Sure enough, I found ways. I found HCL supplements, a diet that was easier to digest, and ways to calm myself down when I had these flares.

When I stopped telling myself that my gut hated me, it started loving me. 

2. Stop dwelling on the fact that you have gut issues.


There is a very fine line between being enthusiastic and being obsessive, and most of us are constantly towing that line more than we’d like to admit. It’s a popular conversation that those of us in the health and wellness industry can trigger orthorexic or eating disorder behaviors in others, and that’s not a wrong statement. 

In addiction recovery, it can be commonplace to eventually stop calling oneself a former addict, or a recovered addict is it suggest that you were formerly an addict. Rather, it can be seen as best to move away from the labels and continue life without them.. always acknowledging that you have won the battle, but that it doesn’t have power over you anymore. 

As someone who has battled disordered eating habits and tendencies (more on that soon, I swear) I would often make myself worse by obsessing over it and telling myself over and over again that I had these habits. The more I focused on them, the more they had power over me.

It’s the same thing with gut issues. Yes, we need to drink the broth, we need to see the functional medicine doctors, we need to follow the protocols, and we need to make it a lifestyle to keep from getting back to square one… but referring to ourselves as “having leaky gut” or “always having gut issues our whole lives” is counter productive.

Instead, acknowledge that you have had these issues… acknowledge that you are working on them… but don’t give it enough power to make you eternally miserable. 

3. Accept that you don’t need junk food to live. 


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it it again… you don’t need junk food to be happy. Society, marketing, and social pressures may make us feel like we need 80% real food and 20% junk food to be happy, but it’s just not true.

The 80/20 rule is that as long as you eat well 80% of the time, you can stray 20% of the time and still be classified as normal and healthy in societies eyes. Society tends to  I’m sorry, but I highly disagree. You don’t need to binge out on fast food to have a healthy mindset.

80/20 isn’t inherently wrong as it’s really just an idea of “treat yo self”, but the point is that you can classify your 20% in any way you want. Maybe that’s fruit, or dark chocolate, but know that you don’t need the french fries to be happy.

4. Remember that highly restricted diets are temporary.


Though we don’t need junk food it live, I also know that most gut healing protocols cut out “real food” as well. Nightshade vegetables, FODMAPS, vegetable starches, nuts, and others that are all perfectly healthful foods, but not always appropriate for gut healing. It can be hard to cut out “real food”, but what’s crucial to remember that is temporary.

The GAPS diet is meant to be followed for two years, AIP a few months, and more structured protocols will be within that same range. I discuss the length of time needed to heal the gut in this blog post, and believe that it’s important to keep in mind that this is a temporary protocol, not a permanent state of being. Not only does it make it more bearable as you’re going through it, but it creates a mental path to actually allowing yourself to find a way to get in those foods again.

5. Love the food that you eat.


I make a serious effort to share recipes on this blog that I love and that are fun to eat! Just because gut healing diets are void of traditional comfort foods, doesn’t mean that you can’t love your food! 

For example, I used to love chicken nuggets and french fries. Like, love. That was my comfort food as a child and I thought there was absolutely zero way to incorporate that food in my life again when I cut our grains and nightshades. When I opened my mind and allowed myself to love food again, I created parsnip fries and the very popular, sweet potato chicken poppers. Just as good, and so much more nourishing! 

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers (Paleo, AIP)

Loving your food makes the gut healing protocol more enjoyable, it creates a positive relationship with healing, nourishing foods, and it improves digestion! We need to be in a relaxed, happy state to properly digest, and if we love the food we’re eating, the more likely we are to digest it well and absorb the nutrients. 

5. Create your own healing mantras and positive things to say about your journey


“My gut feels like it’s rotting” is just one of the negative things that I used to tell myself about my body. I’ve often also said that I feel like I would “never heal” or that “this was forever”. Think about it… we all have something negative that we say. 

It’s so important to take the negative things you say about your gut and turn it around to something positive. For example, I stopped telling myself that my gut felt like it was rotting… rather, I asked myself what I could do to help my gut heal and help myself feel better in that moment. 

Some great mantras to take on could be…

  • I am healing
  • I am going great things for my body
  • I’m helping my body come back into balance

6. Lean on community support


Humans are social beings. Our ancestors were in tribes, communities, and tight knit groups for centuries. I’m currently reading the book Mind Over Medicine which has a fascinating study about a small town where the citizens were much healthier than neighboring towns. After studying their diets, genetics, environment, and more, it was eventually determined that the main differentiating factor was the close knit community and socialization in this town. They treated each other like family, their children were all friends, and they were each others support system if anything went wrong with another family.

Being in community and having support can be one of the best things you can do on a gut healing journey. You have people who you can learn from, relate to, and walk the same path with. I have a FB group called Gut Healing Support, that I host for that very purpose.

Getting support from your family and friends who may not be on the same journey is still possible. For me, it’s been all about educating those close to me about what I’ve gone through so they can better understand. Sometimes it’s still a big struggle to get support, but the people who really care about you will always find a way to love you regardless.

7. Believe in something bigger than yourself


Also in Mind Over Medicine (which is not a religious book, mind you), author Lissa Rankin discusses that those who believe in something bigger than themselves are healthier, happier people and are able to mentally recover more quickly from emotional trauma. 

For me, my belief in God has changed the way I see everything. It’s given me the assurance that even though we all may struggle in this life, we can still be healed eternally. Think about that… we get so caught up in our own struggles or compare ourselves to others to see who has it worse, but in the end, we all struggle. My relationship with God has helped me navigate those struggles, and gain perspective outside of myself. 

Maybe that’s not where you are now in life, but just believing in something bigger than yourself and taking a step outside of your own life and struggles gives such important perspective and peace of mind when it comes to healing. Whether it be God, the universe or other to you personally, remember that there is so much outside of our struggles. 

8. Believe that you can heal 


It’s never enough to just go through the motions… you have to actually believe in what you’re doing and saying. We have to actually believe that we can heal. Only when we do believe it’s possible is when we find a way to do it. If we only just partially believe it’s possible while still also have the subconscious thought that it isn’t, we’ll never fully commit. 

So many times in my healing journey I would say that I believed I could do heal my gut, while simultaneously telling myself that I never would. That negative voice honestly wasn’t even conscious. It’s the thing that kept me back sliding for years and had me saying, “what’s the point anyway?”.

That negative voice still creeps in some days, and it can be a struggle to shut it up. I have to be constantly mindful, and forever faithful, but believing that you can do something is always the most important part of actually doing it <3 

YBC Mantra Box Winter 2017 Review | Paleo & Yoga Box

 Thanks, YogaByCondace for sponsoring this post! This box was gifted to me by YogaByCandace LLC. All opinions are my own. 

I’ve been in the love with the idea of subscription boxes and discovery boxes since college. It always seemed like such a fun treat to get a box of unexpected goodies in the mail! I used to scour websites trying to find the perfect box, for the perfect price, with the perfect contents. I looked at tons of makeup boxes that just had too many ingredients I couldn’t use, clothes boxes that were too expensive, and snack boxes that came with too many foods that I was intolerant to. I do live vicariously through my husbands snack box that he gets delivered to his office every month though. I ask for pictures just to see the fun surprises he gets on his monthly snack Christmas! But needless to say, I never really found my own box that fit my interests and apparently very niche specifications aligned with.

That why I was doing back flips (or full wheels?) when I got the opportunity to partner with one of my absolute favorite online brands, YogaByCandance to try out and review The Mantra Box! I’ve been using YogaByCandace at home YouTube yoga videos, using the app, and reading the blog and her book for a while now. Candace is an amazing inspiration who healed from chronic lyme with real food and shares yoga content online, and in retreats, and in her awesome book.

So, what is The Mantra Box? It’s a quarterly discovery box filled with goodies from small health and wellness business such as yoga companies, food and snack brands, and personal care and beauty products.


You can choose male and female boxes as well as paleo, vegetarian, and standard “I eat everything”. Clearly, I went for the paleo box! 

There are new boxes every quarter, and I got to try out the Winter box which was full of tons of great brands and products that I already love and use regularly, and some new ones that I was glad to get acquainted with! 

YBC Mantra Box Winter 2017 Review

 YBC Mantra Box Winter 2017 Review

You guys, this box was so well curated. It’s perfect for paleo yogi’s with a love for natural products. So basically if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna have a good time. It typically comes with 7-11 items, and there were both sample and full size products in this box. Clearly there is a ton here and it’s an amazing value for $49.99 (plus shipping). Here are some of my favorites…

Kasandrino’s International Olive Oil


I’m kind of embarrassed to say that this is my first time trying Kasandrino’s… I have no idea what took me so long. They’re a well known brand for their high quality olive oil, and as we all know, olive oil has a bad reputation for being cut with cheaper, low quality oil. Healthy fats matter for our hormones, brain health, and overall health, so it’s important to use high quality fats. 

I loved getting this travel size Kasandrino’s for my upcoming trip to Florida and to get a taste of this olive oil. I’ve already been drizzling it over fresh salads with lemon juice. You really can taste the difference!


 Shenzhen LeWangYiGou Tech Ltd Yoga Strap & Clever Yoga Socks

Bring on the yoga stuff! 

I actually don’t have a yoga strap at home… I only use them when I practice in a studio. Frankly, I find most of the designs kind of annoying, but this yoga strap is awesome. It has tons of loops which makes it easy to loop through your hands and feet without making awkward loops and knots. 

Also, these yoga socks from Clever Yoga have stick pads on the bottom which keeps you from slipping. It’s great if you slip around on your mat (which I often do.. especially in hot yoga) or if you’re doing yoga without a mat. Yet another great travel item if you don’t want to bring along a yoga mat but still want to get in some yoga on a trip/

Numi Organic Turmeric Tea and Vital Proteins Collagen 

Okay, first… you guys know I love Vital Proteins collagen. It’s made from grass-fed beef collagen and promotes hair, skin, nail and gut health. It’s perfect for adding a healing and protein boost to drinks, just like this tea. 

I paired the vital proteins with some of these teas from Numi. Numi Organic Tea included a few different turmeric tea samples which I loved. We all know that that turmeric is a powerhouse spice with tons of anti-inflammatory benefits, and it tastes amazing. 

Here’s What Else Was In This Awesome Box…

  • Refreshing stress supplement pack. All good stuff in here!
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee! This stuff is super popular and gets rave reviews!! I’m pretty caffeine free and only have it on special occasions. so I haven’t tried it yet, but they sent a whole box!! I see some nice Sunday morning drinks in my future! 
  • Unbound $25 Giftcard. Nice name, Unbound 😉 They’re an online sexual health retailer that has tons to choose from.
  • Dandelion Creative Co. – The artist for the beautiful art print.
  • Rootz Nutrition . Another really popular brand with rave reviews! I can’t have some of the ingredients so I passed it along to my husband as a post workout smoothie ingredient, but I hear from everyone that this stuff is great if you’re paleo.
  • The Grandpa Soap Co soap. They sent a full size bar of soap that smells so amazing. 
  • Dandelion Creative Co. The artist who sent the lovely Namaslay print!
  • Raw Spice Bar spice pack. Warming winter spices which would be so yummy in a warm winter drink with some Vital proteins added in 😉

The Spring Box is Available For Pre-Order Now!

These boxes ship quarterly, and the spring Mantra Box is available to pre-order now! Remember, it’s all a surprise which makes it all that much fun, and clearly you gets tons of awesome goodies. They only have 150 boxes available for order as it supports only small businesses, so don’t wait to order if it’s something you want to try out. I hope you love it as much as I do!