Living with Hashimoto’s and serious leaky gut has never been easy, but I’m so grateful for all of the progress I’ve made. In celebration of my birthday this week, I wanted to share 26 things that transformed my health!

I want to preface all of this by saying that I am by no means in perfect health. I have heavy metals I’m dealing with, hormones that still fluctuate, and my gut still can get pretty jacked up if I stray too far from a healing diet. I am not claiming perfection with this blog post… I’m celebrating progress.

But first, how has my health been changed positively from these 26 things? 

  • I reversed my Hashimoto’s
  • I stopped having random fainting spells (likely a combination of bad blood sugar control and Hashimoto’s)
  • I no longer have constant stomach aches and pains
  • I can eat a variety of foods and not get sick
  • I’m not reliant and advil and coffee to get me through the day because of fatigue and chronic headaches

As I said, I still struggle, but these are massive, massive wins in my mind, and I’ll take every little win I can get! So here are just some of the things I’ve done…

26 Things That Transformed My Health

26 Things I Did To Transform My Health

Diet & Wellness

1.I cut out gluten, soy, and nightshades

Though these are loosely in no particular order, this was huge for me. I went gluten free-ish when I was 18 after learning the connection it had with Hashimoto’s. I went full on gluten, soy, and nightshade free until 3 years later, and it changed my life. I had no idea how much these foods were affecting me on a daily basis and how much better I feel without them!

2. I discovered AIP 

For me, gluten free, soy free and nightshade free wasn’t enough to really heal. I  really needed to nix grains, take a dairy break, and learn about inflammatory oils and how to be a nutrient seeker. It’s been about 2 years that I’ve followed an AIP template, and it’s really helped change the way I feel, and the way I see food as nourishment for healing rather than something to just eat or avoid.

3. I began my bone broth obsession 

All week, every week… I’m drinking the broth. Whether it’s a bone broth based soup, a drink, a meal with a bone broth sauce like this spaghetti squash alfredo, or just straight up in a mug, bone broth has been huge in transforming my health. It’s helped with my gut healing and mineral absorption!

4. I started eating protein & healthy fat daily

In high school, I prided myself in having a zero fat diet. Face palm. I also had a terrible meat aversion and never ate protein. Not only did I not crave these foods, but I couldn’t digest them. It took a lot of gut healing, but now I eat them daily and my energy has changed drastically.

5. I eat vegetables at every meal 

Even breakfast, yes. Check out this breakfast bowl for reference 😉 Vegetables are the base of my diet and eating mostly vegetables rather than mostly grains like I used to has given me so much more energy, vitality, and has done so much good for my gut.

6. I let go of societies standard for “balanced eating”

We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule. Most often the 20% is perceived as alcohol, cupcakes and taco bell. If you’re not pigging out on junk food every so often, society views you as obsessed with healthy food… I highly disagree. You need not need a balance of junk food to be healthy. I’m perfectly happy with my 20% being things like dark chocolate and matcha lattes, and eating a nutrient dense diet!

7. But, I still give myself “permission” to eat lots of chocolate… like… a lot 

Not like I need “permission” but I do indeed still treat myself. You guys… I eat a lot of chocolate. If I don’t have something chocolate-y minimum a couple of times a week, I’m a sad panda… do people still say that?

8. I started batch cooking

The best way for me to not stress about having healthy meals prepared!

9. I stopped trying to lose weight and learned to productively deal with my weight fluctuations with Hashimoto’s 

10. I learned that Hashimoto’s can be managed holistically 

11. I went on a journey to heal my gut & support my gut health

Gut health was a huge trigger for my Hashimoto’s, and a whole separate issue in itself for me. Going on my gut healing journey and supporting my gut health going forward is one of the main things that keep my Hashimoto’s controlled, and previous IBS type symptoms under control!

12. I learned how digestion is actually supposed to work 

Learning how digestion works changed how I approach gut healing. Truly, take a look at how digestion actually works and think about how you can support your digestion to support your gut health.

13. I take Betaine HCL and enzymes with every meal  

Like I said, my gut still a’int perfect. Taking digestive support supplements has been a huge factor in my gut healing journey.

14. I discovered the importance of blood sugar control and how to balance meals 

Oh, you mean oatmeal with chocolate chips and coffee is a bad idea for breakfast? Yeah… it kind of is. I had horrible hypoglycemia my whole life, and the spikes and dips of blood sugar are so bad for your adrenals, and your liver, and your body in general!

It’s only been about two years that I’ve started to take this seriously, and balancing my meals is always going to be a daily challenge, but it’s made a drastic difference in my headaches, fainting spells, and over all hunger.



15. I strengthened (and continue to strengthen) my relationship with God

Above giving up gluten, drinking bone broth, and even getting married, I owe everything to God. I personally believe that God has lead me on and through this health journey for a purpose. God calls us to love Him will all of our hearts, to pursue Him, and to establish a relationship with Him. In doing this, it’s given me reassurance in my health, and changed my mental health so much more than even the best yoga class ever could.

16. I married an amazing, supportive, cute, blonde man.

Marrying Daniel is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, if not the best. He’s grounded, supportive, ambitious, and the perfect partner for me on this journey. I’ve had some tumultuous relationships in the past that were terrible for my health. Daniel does nothing but support and strengthen my physical and mental health <3

17. I stopped crazy exercise 

As a former crossfitter, it just wasn’t working for me and my adrenals anymore. I walked away from something that I still technically loved in interest of support my health with more gentle exercise.

18. I started doing yoga & weight lifting 

I still love lifting weights… my body likes lifting weights. It also really loves yoga. I may not be a star weight lifter or yogi, but these gentle exercises are just what my body needs to stay challenged, keep myself moving, and not spike my stress levels to a crazy amount.

19. I take walks several times a week

Weather permitting 😉 I do live in Texas and it’s already super hot here. But taking walks is an amazing way to gently move your body and take some self-care time to think, meditate, and pray. If I’m ever having an off day, a walk almost always sets me straight.

20. I learned how to not feel “left out” with my lifestyle and diet 

21. I got a cat named, “Stinky”

Pets are amazing health boosters. My little kitty was a stray that ran up to my mom during a snow day here in Dallas as she was leaving work. She threw him in her car, and guess where he ended up;)? The name “Stinky” was a silly nickname from my husband because he was in denial that we were actually keeping him. Oh, but we did. Stinky always cheers me up, and snuggling with him is always one of my favorite parts of the day.

Oh, and did I mention that this little lover has a heart on his side?


22. I left my 8-5 job

This is always a hard one because people want to believe it’s impossible… but it’s not. I left my 8-5 day job for pursuing my own business and freelancing, and the effect it’s had on my health is drastic. Is it easy? Of course not. Is it possible? Yes.

23. I focus energy on helping others 

One of my favorite parts of being an NTP/ blogger is all of the people I get to help. It warms my heart like crazy when a client tells me I helped improved their digestion, or a reader says they love my healing recipes. Looking outside yourself and helping others rather than dwelling on your own situation and health all of the time can be one of the most healing things you can do.

Health Education

24. I got certified to be an NTP through the nutritional therapy association

Blog post to come on my experience as an NTP, but going through the program gave me so much insight and holistic understanding of my own health! Though I’ve been able to make a career out of it as well, it was worth it for the personal knowledge alone.

25. I became a podcast junkie 

Okay, I am obsessed with podcasts. For entertainment value, for education, for self-improvement…. basically all of the things. They help me relax, they make me laugh, and they teach me so. much. about. health. (and other things) Balanced Bites, Paleo Women, Stuff You Should Know… I’m so grateful for all of the value they bring and what they’ve taught me about my health!

And Very Importantly…

26. I continue to pursue this journey 

By no means is my health perfect… like at all. I still have issues that I’m dealing with that relate to hormones, heavy metals and more. The most transformative thing that anyone can do for their health is to pursue it as a journey, and never give up on growing.

We’re all different… this is just my journey. I share it to inspire you in any way I can, and hope that this post did just that!