NYC Paleo Travel Recap

I was born and raised in Long Island, NY, a very long ways away from where I reside now in Dallas, TX. I had a lot of pride as a New Yorker and never saw myself staying in Texas for too long after I moved here in middle school. Then I went to college here, got married to a Texan, and bought a house. Not to mention I realized the enormous gap in cost of living of NYC versus Dallas. So, here I am in Dallas, TX!

However, I still love New York, and was ecstatic when we started planning a family trip with my parents and my husband to see my brother in a play in NYC. My brother is an actor in New York, and his play was the perfect opportuinity to visit the city, and show my husband where I grew up.

I am so excited to share this travel recap of restaurants, things to do, and shopping while I was in New York!

So let’s start this little trip recap by talking about food…

NYC Paleo Restaurants

New York is incredible for a number of reasons. The sights, the culture, and of course the food! I was a full on gluten and sugar junkie when I was growing up, so this was my first time in NYC actually “Paleo” and have discovered my food intolerances. New York has tons of options for real food, and I only scratched the surface in my short two day trip!

Springbone Kitchen

Springbone was the highest on my list to visit, and it did not disappoint. It’s essentially the Picnik Austin of NYC! They make housemade bone broth, smoothies, and have a great menu with allergen friendly options.

My favorite thing about Spring Bone? They cook with oils like coconut oil and beef tallow! Seed oils like canola and soybean are some of the hardest to avoid when eating out. They’re highly inflammatory, and always leave me feeling gross. I didn’t have to worry about that at Spring Bone!

Both times I went, I had the grass-fed burger with a paleo bun (from Know Foods) with guacamole that happened to be nightshade free, onions caramelized in beef tallow, and carrot fries fried in tallow.

This was easily one of the best meals I’ve had in a long, long time!

Dig Inn

I saw Dig Inn described as “Chipotle for yuppies” which is a good description. It’s essentially fast-er food with tons of locations around the city, but they also use higher quality oils like coconut and olive oil.

I got a bowl with a bed of greens, apples, carrots, and salmon. My husband and I both got bowls like this for $25 total, which is a steal in New York!

Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery is a juice shop that features their amazing pressed freeze. I’ve been waiting so long to have the pressed juicery freeze. So, so long! It’s essentially a dairy free froyo made with frozen juices, almond milk, and sweetened with dates.

I got a chocolate freeze with berries, coconut, and an almond butter drizzle. Can they please open one in Texas??

Restaurants that I didn’t get to go, but had on my list…

Hu Kitchen

I can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to go to Hu Kitchen! Next time for sure. Hu Kitchen is super popular in the paleo space, and has lots of grain free, dairy free options.

The Little Beet

This was another one that lots of folks recommended to me, but I didn’t make it out to.

Things We Did…


I’ve never seen Wicked, so I immediately knew that I wanted to see it when we went to New York! The Gershwin is a great theatre, and we had great seats even sitting up in the Mezzanine. I highly recommend the splurge on Broadway if you’re going to be in New York!

Sight Seeing

Being in the city really stresses me out. I guess you can say I really have become a Texan. We spent the bulk of our sight seeing energy in Brooklyn and Williamsburg, and it was time well spent! They’ve really cleaned up Brooklyn into a total Hipster dreamland filled with great restaurants, vintage shopping, and amazing art. Make time to stroll around here and you will not be disappointed!


As I was just recently in Washington DC with a friend, I was a little worn out of museums, so we didn’t visit any of the big ones this time. However, we did go to the 9/11 museum which was powerful, moving, and incredibly heartbreaking. As someone who was in New York on 9/11, it brought back all of those feelings and there were tons of tears throughout the whole museum.

Drove Out to Long Island

We stayed in Kew Gardens, near Jamaica so we were really only an hour from my hometown, Hauppauge. My husband has never seen where I grew up, so I really wanted to show him my childhood home and take him to all of my favorite places. So, we rented a car for the day and drove out to Hauppauge, and stopped by Jones Beach. Though it was just a short day, I loved being able to show my husband my old stomping grounds!

Saw Family

Virtually all of my extended family is in New York, so it was a must to see them while we there! I haven’t seen my extended family since my wedding two years ago, so I loved being able to catch up.

Vintage Shopping

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I have this weird little quirk where I dress like it’s 1962 (when I’m not wearing that same nutrition nerd sweatshirt and yoga pants). I love authentic vintage and figured that New York was the perfect place to go shopping. I did tons of research, but wasn’t entirely blown away by some of my finds. New York is incredibly expensive, and most of the vintage shops I visited were more 80’s-90’s, and I’m much more of a 60’s-70’s lover.

Awoke Vintage

However, my favorite was easily Awoke Vintage in Williamsburg. It wasn’t all authentic vintage, but it had some amazing unique pieces and really great vintage!

They also sell online and update their Instagram often, so be sure to give them a follow!

Feng Sway


Feng Sway is a vintage clothing and exotic plant shop. Ummm?? Pinch me. You just can’t find this in Dallas!

We had such a great time in New York, and I can’t wait to go back! Do you have any NYC favorites? Let us all know in the comments!

Paleo & AIP Travel Food Guide & Checklist

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I never really considered myself much of a big traveler in comparison to others, but with the number of trips that I have planned for work, pleasure, and seeing family piling up this year, I think I’m finally passing into that territory. I love traveling, but it can be sure to take the wind out of your sails with jet lag, time spent in airports or cars, and especially time spent planning food if you’re on a healing diet! Even just one trip on a healing diet can be a huge undertaking. Having traveled a ton both domestically and itnernationally (both to Europe and Asia) since I’ve gone paleo and modified autoimmune protocol to keep with my Hashimoto’s and gut health, I’ve had to become an expert on travel food to stay happy on the road, which is why I’m happy to share this AIP/ paleo travel food guide!

Though it may be a lot of effort to plan this far ahead, it’s 100% worth it. Folks often ask me if I “take a break from my diet” on the road, and the answer is “no”. It’s not a diet to keep me looking a certain way… it’s a lifestyle to keep me healthy, happy, and thriving. My intolerances and reactions don’t take a vacation, and though it may seem fun to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever, the reactions are not worth it. I’d much rather have a great time traveling with my own food than eat whatever I come across and feel sick. We all have our own priorities, but feeling well is worth the effort!

Like I said, I’ve traveled a lot since I’ve gone AIP/ Paleo. I’ve been on trips where I’ve had a full kitchen, trips where I’ve been overseas and had no fridge or kitchen, trips where I’ve been able to eat out, and trips where I’ve eaten 100% out of my suitcase. Every trips is different, but here are my best tips…

Paleo/ AIP Travel Food Tips

Food Check List

Paleo & AIP Travel Food Guide & Checklist

Fruits & Vegetables

  • Fresh sliced carrots
  • Fresh celery
  • Fresh greens like bagged arugula or herbs (keep cold with ice packs)
  • Baby food with no additives (perfect for when you don’t have a fridge)
  • Seasnax seaweed packs
  • Vital proteins collagen veggie blend





  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Betaine HCL (for stomach acid production)
  • Activated charcoal (great for if you get an upset stomach)


When it comes to food, I always bring more than I think I’ll need. When I went to Indonesia for a business, I wound up bringing back a ton of food with me that I didn’t eat because I was so jet lagged that my appetite was a mess, but I was happy to have too much food than not enough considering I didn’t get to eat out or go to a grocery store once!

Meal Ideas

Sit down meal with a cooking device (stove, or travel crackpot)

Carrot & bone broth soup cooked in the crockpot with a side salad of arugula, cilantro, proscuttio and olive oil.

Simple salad

Fresh greens and herbs, travel olive oil, sardines, and sea snax.

On the go

Homemade beef jerky, plantains chips, and baby food. Perfect for a picnic lunch!

Throw in you purse essentials

I love having some vital proteins, tea, epic bars, ghee on the go, and baby food just in my purse at all times in case I get hungry!

Lodging & Eating Out Tips

1. Always “try” to get a full kitchen

Yes, if you can get a full kitchen, that’s always the most ideal situation. That way, you can pack less food and have more fresh meals during your stay. Air B n B is always a good option for finding a suitable kitchen, but many hotels also come with full kitchens!

2. If you can’t get a kitchen, bring a travel cooler and mini cooking device

Truth is, you can’t always get a full kitchen. I’ve been on many trips where I haven’t had one and have wound up just fine. If you don’t have a kitchen bring a mini cooking device to warm up your food and a travel cooler to keep it cold. Hotel always have ice to top off your cooler!

My mini crockpot is a lifesaver! I eat a lot of bone broth, and soup, so it’s perfect for heating up frozen soups. The hot logic oven is also a good one to have!

3. For eating out, be wary of cross contamination, oils and additives.

With eating out, I’m always overly cautious, but I never regret it. Even if a menu item says “gluten free”, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t cross contaminated, or cooked in something like canola oil. As someone who has worked in a lot of restaurants in my past, I know from experience that most places aren’t overly cautious or really even that educated on how to avoid cross contamination. Don’t throw caution to the wind just because something seems promising enough… ask questions, and stay cautious.

4. Do your research for good restaurants.

Great restaurants that are safe to eat at do exist, you just have to do some research! I’ve been able to eat out at awesome spots like Mission Heirloom in Berkely, CA, and Picnik in Austin, TX and I’ve loved every second of it. Eileen at Phoenix Helix wrote an amazing paleo restaurants guide that’s great to reference! Do your research, and call ahead, and you may be surprised at what’s out there.

5. When in doubt, order a mostly raw meal and layer on your own food to bulk it up.

Whenever I’m iffy about cross contamination and mystery oils, I always order a mostly raw meal and then layer on with food in my purse! An example of that may be that I’ll order a plain salad and add on my own olive oil and epic bar! Easy peasy.

6. Don’t stress… just prepare as much as you can and have fun!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We all make mistakes, and it’s not the end of the world if you slip up. Just prepare as much as you can, and have fun!

 Paleo & AIP Travel Food Guide & Checklist

Paleo & AIP Travel | Austin TX

One of the most common questions I get from clients, friends, and just readers of my blog is “how do you eat paleo/ AIP on the go?”. It is hard isn’t it? Especially with navigating cross contamination, weird oils, spices, and just the overall stress of it. I’ve blogged a few times now about my paleo/AIP travel adventures to Italy, Disney World, San Francisco, and I’ve shared a bit about my biggest trip to Indonesia… that was a tough one. This past weekend was one of my most enjoyable trips with the most paleo & AIP food success yet… Austin, TX!

My husband and I live in Dallas, TX so Austin is just a few hours south. With my big transition in my business and job, we didn’t want to do anything too big and time consuming for our second anniversary this year, so Austin was an obvious choice. 

I did all of my nutritional therapy training in Austin last year and was so consumed with class that I barely had any time at all to enjoy all of the amazing paleo/ AIP food that Austin has to offer, so we were long over due for a visit!

When I travel, I’m usually bringing a cooler, ice packs, and full prepared meals. However, since I knew that Austin would be so easy for eating I went pretty light on food to bring and road snacks.

I brought along some epic bars, sea snax, sardines, carrots and fresh fruit!

Magnolia Market at the Silos – Waco, TX

Our first stop on our trip from Austin to Dallas was the incredibly popular (and super busy) Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. Waco is always a popular stop between Austin and Dallas as it’s a larger town with plenty of gas stations to stop at on the long drive. There was never really any big tourist attraction for us in Waco (not football fans, sorry 😛 ) until Magnolia came around. It’s Chip and Joanna’s store from the show Fixer Upper, and it was too cute. 

I thought it was so insane how many people were there and was thinking it was just all hype as I was walking up. Once I saw what all of the fuss was all about, I instantly became a pose-y tourist 😉

Magnolia is a home decor store with a cool industrial area outback that’s filled with swings, food trucks, and areas to eat and to throw around some footballs. My husband went right for the cheesiest gluteniest thing he could find, and I gravitated towards Luna Juice Bar.

I wasn’t feeling a juice, so I got a cold brew coffee with almond milk. I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine and didn’t get too far into this before I was feeling it and had to pass it off to my husband… still delicious though!

Picnik Austin

Picnik is famous in the paleo world as one of the premiere paleo restaurants, and it felt like a pilgrimage coming here. Not only is it paleo, but they have an AIP menu! Everything is cooked in avocado oil, it’s all high quality protein, and the veggies are local. Swoon. 

My husband and I went twice… once for dinner, and for breakfast the next day. We gobbled up dinner so fast and the lighting wasn’t really working for me, so I missed pictures of those, but our breakfast was the bomb.

I ordered a custom taco off their AIP menu with a Siete cassava tortilla (not actually strict AIP as it has thickeners, but fine for me in moderation), bacon, apple, their incredible AIP guac, and a non AIP peppermint mocha. The mocha had decaf coffee, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, coconut milk, MCT, and peppermint essential oil. I’m still dreaming about it!

If you’re planning on visiting Austin, make Picnik the first thing on your list! I guarantee you’ll love it!


For lunch after Picnik, we walked around downtown, shopped, and I wound up pretending to be a fashion blogger again for like a minute in this dress I got from Nordstrom. I like food AND clothes, okay 😛

We eventually ended up at Koriente. It was a crowd favorite during my NTA classes, but I was always afraid to indulge. This time I went for it and got a super custom bowl.

I requested something super safe for me and they delivered! I got smoked salmon, avocado, carrot, and rice. I asked to hold the sesame, and sauces, and I wound up with a meal with just one AIP reintro (the rice) and a really satisfying little meal! 

Dolce Neve

This gelato shop was also high on my Austin bucket list as they seem to always have a vegan/dairy free option. This time, it was a mango sorbet!

Though I would’ve preferred to have something coconut milk based, this sorbet hit the spot on an unseasonably warm day in Austin. 

Needless to say, Austin kills it with Paleo/ AIP friendly eats. I can’t wait to be back soon for Paleo FX in May!!

What are you favorite Paleo eats in Austin? 

AIP Airplane Travel Food Tips

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Though it seems daunting to travel freely and without stress with AIP, especially on an airplane and for an extended stay, it is indeed possible. In the past year, I’ve traveled both internationally to Italy on my honeymoon and to Disney World with loads of AIP travel food in tow. I think I’ve got in figured out!

It’s no surprise that managing a health condition takes a lot of effort. Just taking a pill for my Hashimoto’s and calling it a day would be “easier” but I know for a fact that it’s much less effective. Managing my Hashimoto’s with diet is a commitment, but one that’s worth it. I remember going to Disney world about 5 years ago while I was “gluten free” and gluten free alone. It helped a bit, and Disney was super accommodating as always. However, it just wasn’t enough. I remember eating a GF pasta dish with tomato sauce and cheese and feeling beyond terrible for the rest of the day. I didn’t deserve to feel like that… you don’t deserve to feel like that. Especially when you’re traveling or on vacation, you don’t want to have to feel terrible.

With these tips on food and mindset, I hope that you have better insight into how to travel AIP!

 AIP Airplane Travel Food Tips

AIP Airplane Travel Tips 

1.Meal prep and bring your own food. 

When traveling, bringing your own food is always your safest bet. Though you may be able to get away with eating out from time to time restaurant food is most likely going to be cooked in seed oils, and cross contaminate. It’s going to take more of your time, yes, but it’s worth it to bring your own food.

So, what AIP travel food do you bring?

Opt for more veggies than dried fruit. For veggies, I recommend…

  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Roasted cauliflower
  • Brussels
  • Cabbage
  • Parsnip fries

For protein, I recommend…

 Keep it light on the processed convenience snacks, but I recommend…

2.Bring ice packs and a cooler bag.

I’ve never had problems getting through with ice packs as long as they’re totally frozen. I repeat, you can bring food and icepacks on an airplane as long as they’re frozen. That means you can freeze bone broth, or stews to bring with you. I’ve even chosen to freeze meatballs and breakfast sausage and have had great success traveling with these things. Be prepared for the TSA to take a second look, but other than that you more than likely should be good to go.

I recommend investing in a good quality cooler bag or mini freezer that’s insulated and built to last. I went with this one, that was durable, easy to carry around the airport, and kept my food cold for hours.

3. Bring appropriate tupperware. 

I love my glass tupperware, but I try to just reserve it for the frozen foods and not bring as much when I travel. Not only is it heavier, but it’s easier to break. I’ve broken way too many glass water bottles and have told myself, “This is why we can’t have nice things!” way too many times for me to handle that heartbreak. Plastics are not ideal for daily use, but for travel, I’ll store some of my foods in plastic baggies.

I also love the Ecolunch box which I actually asked for on my wedding registry! I’ve been eyeing one of these for so long, and I was so excited to get it. No, you can’t pop it in the oven like glass, but it’s light, easy, and perfect for travel.

I used this at my recent conference in California as a little plate, and I also used it to eat my dinners on my international flight to Italy for my honeymoon. I just backed it in there ahead of time and was good to go! People in the seats next to me looked pretty jealous that I had a full, home cooked meal 😉 

This particular meal was brussels sprouts, tuna, sweet potato and kale. 

4. Book an Airbnb if possible. 

That way you’ll have a kitchen! I typically wind up running to Whole Foods and buying some extra veggies to cook which is a great option. Airbnb’s will likely have a bigger fridge than a hotel, and don’t have to do expensive. I always tend to find nice ones that are cheaper than a hotel, so do your research. 

5. Be thankful and enjoy what you have.

Following an AIP template and avoiding nightshades, grains, soy, etc. has changed my health, and the way I travel. I could spend lots of time complaining and feeling bad for myself that I don’t get to chow down on M&M’s on the flight, or try new restaurants at my destination. However, I’m thankful that I can enjoy my trip without feeling ill. Quality of life has so much more to do with the food that we eat. I literally love the food that I eat, and I’m thankful that I have it. 

Thankfulness is one of the largest missing ingredients in many healing protocols. Stress, anger, and frustration are easy to fall into. However, when deny them and chose to be thankful, we do such a massive favor to our bodies, minds, and our day to day.

Happy travels, friends! <3 

AIP Travel to California, and Mission Heirloom Review

Traveling while AIP seems intimidating, but it’s nothing that some good meal prep and some research can’t handle! Luckily, my destination was the Bay Area in California where there were tons of options, and a bunch of fun to be had. This was both mine and my husband, Daniel’s first time in California, and it did not disappoint in the amazing views and great food category.

I was traveling from Dallas, TX to to San Jose, CA for the non-profit technology conference, which was stellar. My real job is digital advertising at an online Christian Ministry, so this was right up my alley. The conference was 3 days, Wednesday- Friday and we also chose to stay the weekend, so I had to bring quite a bit of food. 

AIP Travel Snacks & Lunches on the go

More tips on what I actually brought and how I brought it on the airplane to come later this week, but that’s the gist of it. On top of bringing foods for travel and lunches at the conference, I also swung by a whole foods for dinner items like salmon and more veggies.

Though there were gluten free options at the conference, it’s still not strict enough for me, so I packed a lunch box and brought my own. Day 1 was plantain chips, sardines, roasted cauliflower, and an apple.

Day two lunch was roasted brussels, parsnips, avocado, and some turkey that I picked up from Whole Foods. 

Later that afternoon, Daniel and I hit up some shopping and I stumbled upon a Pink Berry. Froyo used to be one of favorites back in the day. I loved pilling on toppings and trying different flavors. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had froyo for a number of reasons, so when I saw that Pink Berry was offering dairy free, coconut swirl, I decided to get adventurous and try some.

No, not the most squeaky clean, but it was oh so good! It felt amazing to just grab a froyo and not feel sick afterwards. 

After the conference ended and the weekend came, Daniel and I were tasked with figuring out where exactly we wanted to go. With so many options, we finally settled on Big Sur and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

Big Sur State Park & Valley View Trail

We hiked the Valley View trail which was pretty strenuous in my opinion. I may just not be conditioned for uphill hiking living in Texas, but man, was it uphill. I snacked on and Epic bar and some dried mango on the way up.

 Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

The 20 minutes drive down highway one to get Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park from Big Sur was absolutely breathtaking, and the views when we actually got there were even better.

We didn’t stay long as we were already pretty worn out from the hike before and had a long drive back to San Jose, but be warned that the parking here is kind of insane. I highly suggest coming early to get a chance to enjoy the view in solitude. 

Mission Heirloom Review

Last but not least, I simply had to go to Mission Heirloom. After seeing it all over my Instagram feed, and hearing about it from countless bloggers, I’ve been dying to go here. Living in Dallas, I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance, so an hour drive to Berkeley from where I was staying in San Jose was not going to stop me. 

I’ve spent the last few years being terrified of restaurants and have had several terrible reactions from eating out. More restaurants have no idea what a “nightshade” is, and don’t follow safe cross contamination practices. Mission Heirloom, notes AIP items on their menus and carries only non-GMO food. What a dream, right?

I was literally giddy walking in and couldn’t believe I was even there. My husband didn’t really get it, but really… it’s an AIP thing.

The menu was filled with tons of delicious sounding options. I could’ve tried everything, but I finally settled on the soup of the day, cauliflower soup, chicken liver pate with apple sauce, their famous yucan crunch, with a side of coconut oil.

The chicken liver pate was literally like none other than I’ve had. I make my own from local, pastured chicken liver all the time, but I’ve never quite had any like this. The flavor and consistency was amazing, and pairing it with the yucan crunch was perfect. They sell the pate in the store, but the way my flight worked out, I just couldn’t take it with me. I could however buy a big ol’ bag of Yucan Crunch.

Yucan Crunch is life. It’s made out of 100% yuca, and is easily the best AIP, grain free cracker I’ve ever had. You can order some online here! I know I’ll be ordering more.

To cap off the most amazing AIP meal probably ever, Daniel and I both had dairy free Jones gelato with plantain cones. I had strawberry and roasted banana gelato, and Daniel tried the lemon.

I actually saw the plantain cones on Mission Heirloom’s Instagram a few weeks ago and told Daniel that I just had to go one day. The very next day, my boss asked if I wanted to go to San Jose for the conference. Coincidence? I think not 😉 These plantain cones and I were meant to be. They tasted just like any other waffle cone I’ve ever had, and I sincerely wish the Mission Heirloom started selling the cones as well!

In summary…

  1. California is beautiful.
  2. Bring a cooler and ice packs when you travel.
  3. Eat lots vegetables when you travel, and all the time, ever.
  4. Go to Mission Heirloom.

Life is good, friends.





Paleo, Gluten Free and AIP Travel : Tips for International Travel and What I Ate

Do you ever get that feeling after being on the plane for hours and hours that when you’re finally off, you still feel like you’re on it? Like you still feel the turbulence, and can hear the baby screams ringing in the back of your ears? That’s kind of how I feel right now after traveling 24+ hours from Florence, to Germany, to London, and finally home to Dallas. Being back home in my own space is bittersweet after an amazing Honeymoon, but I’m happy to report that any discomfort I’m currently feeling is due to merely just my jet lag and not from anything that I ate! Call it being prepared, or that the food in the EU is just better, but I’m so happy that I successfully traveled to Italy with my Paleo, gluten free, and autoimmune protocol restrictions and actually still felt good!

There’s more to come on what I actually ate once I was in Italy, because trust me, it was much more lax than the travel. But, it’s all just too much to share in one post, so here I wanted to share what I ate traveling to and from Italy as well as my best tips for doing it well.

First what did I actually eat?


On the way there, I tried to come as prepared as humanely possible to get me through London and two German airports. Bringing food into the EU and through customs thankfully wasn’t an issue.

We had an overnight flight to London, so I brought along dinner in my new Ecolunch box

I had brussels sprouts that I roasted at home, half of a sweet potato, kale, avocado, and Wild planet tuna.

I also snacked on some dry Mango that I picked up at Target before I left.

 When I finally landed in London, I loaded up on healthy fats at the Giraffe restaurant in Heathrow terminal 5. They were kind enough to give me a side of avocado to add some more fats, and man, was this good! Now, I made a point to reintroduce eggs on my AIP diet before I traveled and it was incredibly helpful to have the option.

My high fat meal really filled me up through my next leg of flights onto Italy, so I just snacked on more Wild Planet Tuna and some fresh fruit and baby carrots for the rest of the way. 

 I also had some of these freeze dried strawberries which were a bit of a mess, so I can’t really recommend it.


Eating out in Italy was a pleasant experience (which I’ll explain more in my next post), so I had a great salad before my flight from Florence.

It consisted of fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, artichoke, and some corn that I passed on. Not really full AIP with the cheese, but again, I’ll talk more about my experience with non-AIP foods in Italy like cheese. Still a solid gluten free travel option!

We had a connection to make in Stuttgart, Germany before we got to London, with an incredibly short layover and the task to get through customs and security again. I emptied all of electronics, tupperware, and liquids as I should have going through security, but was surprised when a German TSA agent held up my purse and asked, “Madam, is this your bag?”. I wondered what I had forgotten to remove as I answered, “yes”. He stared at the x-ray machine for a few seconds as if he was trying to make sense of what he was seeing. With one finger on his chin and the other making a bottom heavy oblong shape in the air he asked, “Is that… an avocado?”… “…yes” I responded. He paused another moment and I was too tired to remember if he actually took it out to inspect it, but the exchange all ended with him relaxing his face and saying, “well… okay”. I guess not everyone brings avocados through security? 

We stayed overnight in London and I was way too tired to snap a picture of my poached eggs that we ordered room service, but I had yet another good experience eating at Heathrow.

We got to through security around 10am and I had only had an apple that morning, and I was disappointed that were weren’t in terminal 5 again for giraffe. However, I’m lucky to have husband who shares my love of non-traditional breakfasts and jumped at the opportunity to go to Yo-Sushi

A conveyor belt sushi bar, Yo-Sushi was fresh and had a great selection. It’s an experience as much as it a meal, and we stayed there for quite some time just watching the options roll past.

I kept it simple with two plate of tuna sashimi and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I was running low on dried fruit from my first leg of the journey and was happy to find a really awesome option in Heathrow. Urban Fruit seems to be specific to England and the baked cherries were so yummy. It was the perfect AIP travel snack option as it wasn’t sweetened further with any added sugars.

My meal on flight back to Dallas looked a lot like the one that I had on the way there, so I didn’t really even bother snapping a picture. It was just more wild planet tuna, brussels sprouts that I made back at my Air BNB in Florence, and avocado.

So, I’ve traveled a fair amount here are my top tips for traveling internationally on a restricted diet.


  1. Come prepared with protein like Wildplanet Tuna packs and Epic Bars. These were a life saver. I didn’t have to worry about getting through security with them and they’re so delicious!
  2. Load up on healthy fats. On my first day in London I loved having my breakfast of eggs, bacon and avocado as it kept me full for hours! I didn’t have to worry about having to run and get food during my connecting flights with short layovers.
  3. Bring along good tupperware. As I mentioned previously, my Ecolunch box was a great investment. It was perfect for traveling as it retained the temperature and I didn’t have to worry about breaking glass.
  4. Bring a mix of dried and fresh snacks. The dried fruit that I brought with me from the US and picked up in London were great for just throwing in my pursue. However, as it’s so easy to get dehydrated traveling, try to grab some fresh fruits and veggies like apples and celery as well.
  5. When it comes to eating at a restaurant, keep it simple. Sashimi is your friend. If it’s not available, ask exactly what’s in the dish. I had a lot of surprises in Italy when a menu said “calamari and spinach” and it showed up with potatoes and red pepper flakes. Keep it as simple as possible. 

I can’t wait to share more from my trip to Italy, and my wedding! So many pictures and thoughts to unload as well as so much recipe inspiration. Until then, friends!

What are your favorite travel snacks?