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Protein bars are viewed as a health food. I confidently used to skip meals to cut calories and opt for a protein bar instead, whilst patting myself on the back for it being “low-fat”, “low-calorie” and “packed with protein”. In reality, protein bars are made from a sketchy protein source like soy protein, pea protein, or CAFO whey and egg white protein and are full of sugar. So not actually clean, and definitely not food allergy friendly for those of us following a paleo or AIP diet. Bad news bears, I know. But I’m human.. my nutritional therapy clients are human… we want a quick snack every now and then. Enter, chocolate coconut collagen protein bites.

I’ve had these protein bites in my back pocket for a while now. I’ve brought them on road trips, shared them with friends, recommended them to clients and enjoyed them as an after dinner dessert. I’m basically kind of obsessed. These are my little bae’s (am I young and cool now?). I love them because they taste so darned good, and they’re a great portable snack to help me and my clients feel satiated.

Chocolate Collagen Protein Bites

Why these are my fav…

1. They’re a good blood sugar snack.

Blood sugar problems are not reserved for those with diabetes, at all.

My clients all come to me with blood sugar regulation issues, and I struggled with them for years. Our modern diets that inundated with carbohydrates, low in fat and sugar, and we basically have dessert for breakfast. Imbalanced meals lead to dips and spikes in our blood sugar which burden our organs, throw off our hormones, make us gain weight, and kill our mood and cravings.

Helping my clients balance their blood sugar is huge for their overall healing, and one of the first ways that I help them do this is to replace carb loaded meals with balanced ones, and add in balanced snacks every two hours. That’s not to say that everyone needs a snack every two hours, but when we’re reseting our blood sugar, it’s crucial to avoid dips and spikes.

These protein bites are a good balance of fat and protein with just a hint of sweetness that help balance blood sugar without spiking it too high.

2. They keep you full and satisfied.

The protein from the collagen and the fat from the coconut butter and oil make these little bites help them keep you full and satisfied!

3. They taste amazing and feel like a treat but have no added sugar.

In my opinion, coconut butter basically tastes like cake frosting. Pair that with carob powder and tasty coconut flakes, and these guys taste amazing. They have just enough sweetness to feel like a treat with no added sugar or sweeter.

4. They’re easy to make and require no baking skills. 

I don’t dislike baking, but I greatly dislike turning my oven on for longer than it needs to in Dallas, TX in the summer. Anything that’s a no-bake dessert is welcome in my house.

5. They’re AIP, paleo, gluten free and dairy free.

Not a touch of grains, dairy, and gluten here.

Though chocolate isn’t complaint on AIP (autoimmune protocol), which I follow with reintroductions to help manage my Hashimoto’s disease, I almost always use carob powder here. Carob powder is AIP, and has a great, chocolate-y flavor!

6. They’re nutrient packed with grass-fed collagen.

Let me expand on why I love collagen…

Benefits of Grass-fed Collagen

I’m probably not the first blogger you’ve seen using grass-fed collagen, and rightfully so. It’s a versatile, protein packed powder that you can add to smoothies, soups, and snacks like these! Here’s why everyone is talking about it…

  • It’s satiating. Two scoop of vital proteins collagen has 20 g of protein to help make it a satiating energy boost


  • It supports hair, skin and nail health. – Collagen is known to support the elasticity of the skin and the overall appearance and strength of hair, nails, and skin.


  • Aids in improving the integrity of the gut lining. – Leaky gut, or increased intestinal permeability is incredibly common and directly related to autoimmunity and digestion issues. The collagen helps to regenerate the gut lining.


  • Supports connective tissue and joint health. Collagen is the most abundant part of our bones, and consuming it regularly can improve tissue, joint and bone health.

It’s super worthy noting that the collagen I use is grass-fed. Any conventional beef products from CAFO farms are not only inhumanely raised but are highly inflammatory. Grass-fed beef products are in balance with Omega 3’s, and are incredibly more humanely raised.

I use vital proteins collagen peptides, and love it!

Collagen isn’t the only ingredient in here that I love. I’m also obsessed with Tropical Traditions coconut cream concentrate, or coconut butter. It’s glyphosate free, traditionally harvest, sugar-free, and super delicious! I also use their shredded coconut and coconut oil to help make these guys taste even better.

Chocolate Collagen Protein Bites

Chocolate Collagen Protein Bites

Chocolate Coconut Collagen Protein Bites Recipe



  1. Soften the coconut butter (either in the microwave, or it’ll just be soft enough if your house is sweltering like mine) to where it’s easy to work with and stir.
  2. Fold in the remainder of the ingredients and stir well until evenly combined. Add water or coconut milk if the mixture is too thick to stir thick.
  3. Once combined, begin rolling the mixture into balls about a half an inch wide, or to size of liking, and sprinkle with extra shredded coconut for garnish. You should have 8-9 balls.
  4. Place in the refrigerator for at least an hour, or in the freezer if you plan to travel with them. Store the extra’s in the fridge… if you can hold back from eating them all and actually have extra’s 😉

I love having two or three when I need a quick snack or treat, and sharing them at gatherings! I hope that you love them as much as I do!

Chocolate Collagen Protein Bites (GF, Paleo, AIP)