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Looking for the perfect gifts for the foodie in your life, or gifts for yourself? Here are my top picks for kitchen and cookware gifts for 2021!

1.MadeIn Stainless Cookware. Made in sent me a stockpot to try out a while back, and I was instantly hooked! Truthfully, stainless steel is my preferred method

2. Ogusky Ceramics. This is one of the main shops that I get my ceramic dishes from for photography! I use their bowls, plates, etc and I keep coming back for more. It’s beautiful and great quality.

3. Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook. Shameless plug, but my book is packed with comfort food recipes, holiday favorites and so much more!

4. Vitamix. I got a vitamix for a wedding gift, and it still works amazing almost 6 years later!

5. Caraway Home Pans & Bakeware. Caraway makes Teflon-free non-stick cookware, and I’ve really enjoy using it. I bought some of my own first, and then they sent me more to try, and I love how easy the clean-up is. The key is to using it as directed…. handwashing, never going above medium heat, etc. to keep it in great condition. They have pots, pans, baking sheets, bakeware, and more.

6. Stasher bags. These reusable silicone bags are the perfect stocking stuffer.

7. Milk frother. I use this to make gelatin eggs, and it’s a great gift for the latte lover in your life.

8. Farmhouse pottery mug. I bought this mug a while back and I love it!

9. The Cheese board Deck. This isn’t a “paleo” item, but it’s so much fun! It’s basically a cheeseboard cookbook but in a card deck form. Fun to use and flip through, and very giftable.

10. Almond Cow. I first partnered with Almond Cow this year, and I’m so glad I did! The almond cow is a plant-based milk maker, and you can make everything from almond to oat, to tigernut, to coconut milk with it, and more. We don’t do dairy milk with my toddler, and even though he’s still nursing, I like to make hemp/coconut milk in the almond cow for him, and he loves it! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and super fast. If you make homemade plant-based milk often, I highly recommend checking it out.

11. Ceramic Bakeware. I love this set!

12. Blackstone. The Blackstone is a flat top griddle that’s powered by gas, for easy outdoor cooking! It isn’t a must by any means… it’s a splurge, and I actually got it for my birthday. But if you love to meal prep, this is an amazing tool. I make triple batches of banana pancakes, big batches of ground beef fried rice, and more all on the same surface. I don’t have to do a million dishes after, and it’s super easy to just scrape it clean.

13. Pyrex meal prep containers. I’ve used these for years, and it’s a great gift for the meal prepper in your life.

14. Air fryer. I don’t use my air fryer often, so this is a great option if you’re looking to save space. I’m hoping to upgrade to one without non-stick soon, but for now, I love how small this one is. This is a great gift if someone in your life has been eyeing an air fryer, but doesn’t have a lot of storage.

15. Spoon rest. I love this cute egg spoon rest! We have one that’s similar, and we always get compliments on it.

16. Anthropologie Apron. Perfect for the home cook!

17. Silicone Spatula Set. This sprinkle-printed spatula set is super cute, and a great stocking stuffer for bakers.

18. Oven mitt. A cute oven mitt is the perfect stocking stuffer.

19. Star Cutting Board. If you’re looking for a gift under $100 that’s perfect for the entertainer in your life, this is it! This cutting board is perfect for cheeseboards.

20. Slow cooker. This slow cooker is huge, but I love it! Highly recommend it if you’re looking to gift a slow cooker this year.

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