These are 15 healthy back-to-school snacks including energy bites, snack bars, protein snacks, fruit-based snacks, and vegetable snacks.

Struggle with snack ideas? Same! It can be hard to figure out what the heck to snack on when you’re not eating gluten or dairy. Most snack bars are out, cheese sticks are out, what’s left? Luckily there are tons of options that are gluten-free options that are healthy, delicious, filling, and easy to make!

Energy Bites

  • Chocolate Swirl Energy Bites. These are a fun and delicious way to boost your energy and get extra protein on the go!
  • No Bake Energy Bites. These easy energy bites are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and perfect for nursing moms! They’re made with oats, flaxseeds, almond butter, and other nourishing ingredients.
  • Chocolate Collagen Energy Bites. These give an extra protein boost and lots of healthy fats!

Snack Bars


Protein Snacks

Fruit-Based Snacks

Vegetable Snacks

  • Mini Zucchini Pizza Bites. These pizza bites can be made with dairy-free cheese (or no cheese at all) and are the perfect little snack to store with an ice pack and heat up.
  • Zucchini Fries. These zucchini fries are great to eat with a dip or on their own.